searching her.. in the streets of London… #4

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What did she reply and why did she push you?’, the old woman said..

What the ****? Why did you bite my lips? Isn’t that lust?
What…? If you think it is lust then it is….
Huhh… Do you love me or my…
Idiot… I love you….
Then what’s all this. I am afraid..

See… The situation made me to bite your lips otherwise I wouldn’t have. I love you so much and I can’t say how much I love you. I love your eyes because it reflects your heart always. Today it yearned for a kiss that’s all’ I text her but there was no reply from her. Hours later, I went to her home.

Hello Uncle How are you?’,
Good Sid. How is the college life?
I am enjoying… Where is Hassini?’ I said looking down.

She is in her room’ he said, I smiled, went to her home to see what she is doing. She was too sexy in her purple color nightwear that made me to read her beauty right from top to bottom.

Why did you come here?
To kiss my girl
Shall I call my dad?
Will you?’ She was smiling so I went close to her to feel her warmth.

I love your eyes a lot because it always shows me your heart. I love you my angel’ she hugged me right away to feel our love, later she had her revenge, although painful but still it was sweet.

Things were faster than we expected, days rolled like a minute and our love was sweeter day by day. The timetable she prepared was very useful because it not only helps us to study but also helped me stay with her for long hours. I slept in her house for most of the days either in her room or in the couch downstairs. Exams, exams and exams, it was a buzzword as we faced the university exams for the first time.

It’s all over..’ she said when we completed our last exam.
But it is just a starting.. Still we have seven more semesters’ idiot’ I was pulling her legs now and then. Girls look pretty when they go mad and she is a perfect example for it.

Idiot! Good Morning…!’, ‘Hubby! Good Morning’, ‘Wifey! Good Night…!’, ‘I love you’, ‘Love you dear’, ‘Love you love you love you’, ‘Love you so much Hubby! Sweet Dreams and PS: ONLY ME’, ‘Sexy! Good Night!’, ‘You got it right Hubby!’, ‘Miss your kisses 🙂 Good Night Wifey!’, the days were seconds for us with such sweet messages. Thanks to AIRTEL for providing us free sms because of which we were able to text the things, which she hesitates to speaks, PS: Only Sometimes..

Happy New Year ! I wish the year to do more wonders for us.’ She text, and we spoke for hours wishing, actually dreaming (discussing) about our future life. I took her to the nearby Balaji Temple in the evening. I sent her a sms,

Open a New Diary yes it is a brand New Year!
The blank pages make us realize life is an unknown mystery!
Meet special people to color your life with sweet memories!
Give your best to produce the best of yourself!
Greet the challenges with a smile!
Make your diary worth millions!
I am not sure whether my life will worth millions or not but
it worth for a sweet heart’s love, forever love!
Keep smiling wifey, as it needs articulation of just 14 muscles!

Hubby… Love you forever… Wanna live my life with you, only with you forever’ we loved each other in messages.
Good Morning Wifey! Happy First Day!’ I text her wishes.

Fun, fun and fun all over the day, not only on the first day but also for weeks because the college known for discipline is now known for enjoying only for our department. Pongal, Bhogi, Republic Day, the list of holidays were more than number of working days, which made our life lively, and with friends like Sridevi, Rahul it was fun, fun and fun.

All of a sudden, the calendar displayed the date as Feb 13 and my watch showed 11:55. I dialed her number to wish my love a Happy Valentine Day, and we spoke for hours in phone because it was a rainy day. Although the rain spoiled our plans, still we enjoyed because I was in her home enjoying the hot Bhaji’s she prepared.

I scribbled poem for her,
My instincts revealed
that I am in love with an angel!
who swept me off the floor
with her hypnotic eyes!
The love bonds us with
eternal love, trust, and peace!
It started from the day
we arrived on the planet
and until our last breath
the ‘heavy love’ will continue!

I am not born lucky but I am lucky because I love you’ she text me for the poem. I was lucky because I had Hassini as my love. As everyone says if you are lucky even a bad day will be yours so I was in my college, never caught by any teacher when romancing with her eyes. If someone asks me how long is a day I will answer to it as less than a second because that’s how it was for us.

Happy Happy Birthday Day Hubby!’ she shouted waking me at 12 with our friend’s gang. Usually I will be monster to apply cake for all but this time I was caught because it was the time for my friend’s revenge. They applied cake not only on my face but also everywhere on my body! It took almost an hour for me to bathe. Finally, they made me wear the dress they bought; painted me with lipstick, kajal and what all-possible fashion things a girl would use, actually for a minute I believed I am a girl looking at the mirror because of their work. I was enjoying every passing second of the day. I thanked God some million times for blessing such sweet friends and sweet girl. They did not leave my room until seven in the morning and made me to get blessings from my parents in the same costume, ha ha ha, the funniest moments of my life and I can never ever forget these sweet moments. I do not have words to thank them instead, I wished everyone to be part of my life forever.

As soon as they left my home, I missed Hassini so I messaged her as, ‘Shall we meet in the park’, ‘I love too….’, ‘and we shall meet then. Come to the park’. I reached the park in less than five minutes and waited for her. Few minutes later, she came to the park wearing the same pale pink Salwar Kameez, which she was wearing on the first day of our college. She sat next to me which made the world went unnoticed. I waited for the precious gift that she understood through my eyes. She came close to me, which made me feel her warmth but…

Suddenly a gang of ten people came there with hockey sticks; cricket stumps etc., and started to hit me without any second thoughts. I tried to hit them back but I am not a film hero to hit ten people with hands so nothing helped me. I was losing my conscious with every strike from them so I pleaded her to leave but she did not instead she cried for help. Blood started gushing out from my head, hands, face, lips and everywhere so she came between me the gangsters to stop their brutal attack and they stopped after that. Hassini’s dad came there, which made us happy but…

‘Idiots… Finish him off’ he ordered and took her from me. She pleaded a lot to her dad but he did not hear anything instead he dragged her to the car. The gangsters once again started to strike me and with no energy left, I fell unconscious. And before I closed my eyes, I saw my angel crying for me 🙁 🙁 🙁

‘Did anyone came to rescue you? What happened to her? Did you meet her?’, the old woman said with tears in her eyes

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  1. Thats not done…Flimi villian…I was enjoying the love story and I was hurt. Why can't people see love budding???

    I hope tomorrow night I will find a happy moment in the post.

    Till then, I sign off with not so good feelings in my heart:(

  2. @ Saru Singhal

    Thats not done…Flimi villian…I was enjoying the love story and I was hurt. Why can't people see love budding???

    I hope tomorrow night I will find a happy moment in the post.

    Till then, I sign off with not so good feelings in my heart:(

    Sorry to make you sad.. and films are based on real life na?? What say?? Waiting for your next comment..

    Someone is Special

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