searching her.. in the streets of London… #5

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‘What happened to her? Did you meet her?’, the old woman said with tears in her eyes

Hassini!’ I kept on murmuring her name in ICU. It took three days for me to gain my conscious back and when I opened my eyes, I saw my mom sobbing for me to open my eyes. Nothing can equal Mom’s love and my mom is a perfect example for it. ‘Mom’, I said, she hugged me in joy! I was discharged after a week and was advised to take bed rest for a month.

Sri and our gang visited me often that helped me to learn about Hassini and it was shocking too. Her house remains locked right from the day I was hit by the gangsters and on the same day her father received her transfer certificate too it seems. It all sounded like nightmare to me but it was not..

Sid. Never shed a tear for what you lost because if she is your destiny then no one can take her away from you. The moon may stay hidden in the clouds but if time comes then it is all yours! Take good care of yourself! Do your best!’ My mom said these golden words when I started to college after a month. I as usual nodded my head because never ever I said no to my parents wish and so they…

‘Your mom is very precious! You are lucky but what happened to her?’ the old woman said,

It was very hard to live a life without her but I had too. It was hurting so I decided to break into her house because I was sure she would have left clue for me. And as planned our gang broke into her house because I had done it many times at midnight to meet her. So I followed the same technique to reach her room. I found a letter under our secret chamber.

‘Letter? Good.. Where did she go?’ the old woman said with lots of anxiety.

The whole world went blank after reading her letter. Tears… there was no reason to stop it. I wanna live my life with her… ‘Hassini.. Hassini’ I screamed 🙁 Life became miserable but thank God, Sridevi was with me. She was my hope, her words made me believe that one day I will meet Hassini and that’s why, I successfully completed my college life. Glad I got my job in the last semester itself. Life was Sri, Sri Sri then… Her friendship was the only weapon I had in my life and it kept me motivated always!

Life is a plain sheet of paper. People used to fill it with tears and smiles. I was not an exception to deny it because life is a mixture of emotions! My parents were happy because I got into one of the top IT concerns of India but… God once again left us in pain by the name of recession. Life once again became miserable and I spent most of the time sitting in the park bench thinking about her.

Sid! God wants to bless you better so wait for your turn’, Sri used to motivate me and as she said I got my chance. I grabbed it to prove myself. I do succeeded in it. I meant I grabbed the opportunity when my concern gave us a call back. I did my best to rock in my team that won me many awards. Not only I concentrated in my career but also I was writing a novel, “Dream Love!” I was enjoying my life in my new company with Sri but… at least once in a day the name Hassini flashed in my heart. I know one day I will meet her so I waited for that day.

Days rolled on like seconds with Sridevi’s company and our intimacy grew strong. She became more of my life and her friendship was one of the best things that happened in my life. One day she said me happy news…

Hassini is in London… I just learnt from one of her family relatives but I couldn’t get more info dear :-)’ I was happy because in the past five years this was the best good news my ears have heard. I had no words to thank her because that many times I have thanked her.

I wished to fly to London but will God grant me the wish?’ I said some million times to Sri… and as my Mom and Sri said, ‘God will….’ and it happened. I was selected for an onsite assignment in London by my concern and I too travelled within few days to London.

London… London… London… a dream comes true moment when I set my foot here… I was jumping in joy because I know I will meet her for sure.

‘Did you find her?’, the old woman eyes waited for a ‘Yes’ desperately

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  1. Some hope in the end. I like the pace of this post. Nicely written…Hope he meets her in London…Thank God for social networking sites, it's easier to find these days…

    Ending on a happy note today…See what happens tomorrow…I mean, in next chapter…

  2. @ Simran

    Wow! So here you added something from your real life..Very nice 🙂

    Hmm, so now way to London..Eagerly waiting to know about the feelings and reactive expressions after meeting so long 😀

    It's been so long.. kind of… ahh.. Hope you loved it..

    Someone is Special

  3. @ Animesh Ganguly

    SiS, dude just a lil advice. Don't try ending the story fast, go at your own pace even if that means you writing 10 parts. Here, I left that you ran through the post which somehow has disappointed me to some extent. Though, the story is poised at a very good stage, don't spoil your creation in a hunt to end it soon.
    Good Luck 🙂

    Animesh, thank you so much Buddy.. I will follow them in my masterpiece.

    Someone is Special

  4. @ Saru Singhal

    Some hope in the end. I like the pace of this post. Nicely written…Hope he meets her in London…Thank God for social networking sites, it's easier to find these days…

    Ending on a happy note today…See what happens tomorrow…I mean, in next chapter…

    Saru, so sweet of you.. Thank you so much for reading the post at a regular pace and with your encouraging words.. I am flying..

    Someone is Special

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