Hello FM’s Petraalthan Pillaiya ~ பெற்றால்தான் பிள்ளையா ? ~ fundraising initiative

Why do we need an iPod rather than a FM player? The answer for this question is simple, ‘I love to listen to songs of my choice rather than listening to random songs.’ I do agree to this because I am one of those individual who fall under this category. When I was in India, I rarely hear any FM, because of the above-mentioned reason and of course I manage copying/updating the latest songs in my mobile, but after landing in London, I was unable to find time to do the same. Hence, I miss to listen to latest songs. I opted to listen to Hello FM (Hello FM)

Within days I started to love this ‘HELLO FM ~ 106.4’. I would say I spend around 8 to 10 hours hearing to this particular radio station because it houses a wide variety of quality programs (Anjarai Peti – Kay Kay, Bigil – Suresh (I never missed this program and this is one of the most important reason to stick to this station), and Diary – Maya.). There are many many reasons to hear to this particular station which I will reveal in future posts.

So what’s the point or moto of this post? It’s Simple… I want my blog pals and readers to learn about a fundraising initiative taken by Padma Shri Dr. Kamal Hassan and Hello FM for the medical insurance of HIV +ve Children.

What is the initiative about?

The initiative is to financially support HIV +ve children towards their medical insurance.

Who and when this initiative launched?

On World Aids Day, Dr. Kamal Haasan launched a campaign, “PETRAALTHAN PILLAIYA” in association with Population Services International and Hello Fm supporting HIV infected orphan children.

How can you support?

Simple, No need to donate in thousand or in lakhs, just gift them Rs. 750 for their medical insurance. If you wish to do so, stop by here

Listen to Dr. Kamal Hassan request:

To better know about the initiative, stop by here or directly DONATE here..

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PS: This post is published purely based on my personal interest, as I care for hearts and I believe, ‘Helping Hands are better than Praying Lips’ True or not???

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Image and Sound Credits: Hello FM

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