! The Haiku Challenge 2012 – 29 days – 29 Haiku – Day 13 !

I love the way he
smiles just like the way I
smile, my reflection

he remind me of
my childhood days, I desire
to time travel back

Waiting for second
chance to spend my life like a
kid, Will I get it?

Just two, but he speaks
like a legend, love his words
more than those I pen

Happy Birthday Dear
let you smile the way you do
Long live my sweetheart

Hear what Ashik has said to everyone..

Written for The Haiku Challenge 2012

Day 13 – February 13th – Theme: Paint the Image

Today is my Nephew Ashik’s 2nd Birthday. Happy Birthday ChellaKutti 🙂

Photo Clicked by Someone is Special of Few Miles

Here you go my dear twitter users…

! おはよう  ございます  友人 !

Are you ready for The Haiku Challenge 2012? The prompts are out, rules are set, for more details visit HERE, and the challenge enters Day 13 with this post.. The challenge begins at 12 AM or 00:00 IST and goes on until GMT-08:30AM (i.e., the next day 02:00 PM or 14:00 IST), so all the time zones can participate in this challenge,and three cheers to all the challengers! Write a Haiku inspired by the Image and share your Haiku Post Direct Link here in the linky tool or in comment section of this post, if Linky tool is not available. You can also tweet your Haiku as | Haiku | #FMHCD13 @FewMiles

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Happy Haiku Challenge to you all! The Game is oN…!!!!!!!!!

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0 Replies to “! The Haiku Challenge 2012 – 29 days – 29 Haiku – Day 13 !”

  1. Very beautiful and lovely..God bless!!! SiS, thanks for this lovely challenge.. it keeps me awake till midnight…a new creation everyday…free yet within boundaries.. a great feeling that. and hey, thanks for Naisaiku..enjoyed doing it..

  2. so cute SiS. keep up the good work. i'm sure you're having so much fun with the challenge this year too. i really wanted to take part, but there's so much happening at my end, and i unfortunately couldn't. but i'll be visiting and reading! Good Luck with and keep the fun going 🙂 xo

  3. @ Ramesh Sood

    SiS, want you to have another look at my post..and see what your nephew says.. added one more..

    and your feedback on my first ever attempt on Naisaiku is awaited..

    RS, thanks a lot for you sweet sweet sweet Haiku… and I enjoyed your Naisaiku.. Sorry, I was not feeling well yesterday and that's why I did not show up..

  4. SiS — I am traveling, and late in getting around … I didn't realize (although I should have) this was your nephew and his birthday … what a tale you can tell him — about ~30 people writing about him!! Happy Birthday to your precious nephew! 🙂

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