A page from his diary

Even tears could not help him. He knew what he did was right, but he never knew what God did to her. He went through her blog posts and realized that something was wrong. As he suspected she had did that, which his heart could not digest. He became furious and wrote to her about what he found. He was happy because he did not hurt her instead he helped her. He thought she would reply to his email but she didn’t instead, she deployed a play, which furiated him more. He was known for his calmness, his decision-making capability and his life experiences made him better. He stood his heart side, which was against her but when he learnt that she was deadly ill; his heart shattered into pieces, as she is very young and she, God, why did you do this to her? He cursed God and wrote an apology to her, which he only would read, although he didn’t do any mistake. He was done with his apology doc, and he was feeling better; he wished that he should sleep well, at least that night.

His close friend pinged him; gtalk was their way to communicate with each other, they trust each other, although they have never met. He would spend his whole night chatting with her; she too not an exception in that, and they had did that in the past. She was in need of a help, and he couldn’t help, maybe the third time, he could not do what she asked, not sure though! His internet disconnected now and then, which made the conversation dull.

She wanted to know whether he had read her new blog post, which she wrote in remembrance of her last crush. Usually, he read her blog post the moment she published, but that day he missed due to his heavy heart.

She: Why don’t you leisure blog? I only see you writing for some contest :-/
He: I’ve to
She: It’s long I’ve read your poem/haiku.
He: I’m writing something new.
She: New?
He: A new kinda habit, which I lost. Earlier, I used to write poems everyday on word doc but when my laptop crashed; I lost the doc, so I stopped writing.
She: start anew
He: now, I’ve started, just like diary or notebook, I’m recording my day-to-day activities. I enjoy it.
She: Hmm great!

The internet disconnected again; she got disconnected.

Might be her modem stopped working?

He read her silent words, and he decided to publish that page from his diary in his blog. She was back!

She: Disconnected. Okay.
If you really like a girl, but she ignores you, doesn’t reply to your text msgs or receive your call. What will you do?
He: If I really love her, I will wait for her to turn back and listen to me; how much I missed her when I was alone.
She: Hmm
Do you think one’s life alters bcz of this?
He: Yes
She: Sleepy

She left the chat after the usual good night greetings; might be, she still thinks of her last crush. He was not sure.

He wrote what happened that day, after all, he believes that someday, a special girl would come into his life to colour his life beautifully, and he wants to tell her, whatever had happened in his past, and that’s why he keeps recording his past; the sweet and sour memories of an anonymous soul!

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  1. I read this post thrice and then I got the message you want to convey…
    Excellent post 🙂
    Your ideas simply amazes me…
    ''Anonymous Soul'' a mystery as you are mentioning it again and again..wanna know 🙂

  2. @ Diwakar Narayan

    Nice thought…could have been written better. A few grammatical mistakes here and there..rest all is good 🙂

    Thanks for your feedback bro! I type in the editor directly and I try to correct grammatical errors, which I find. Hopefully, some day I will write better.

    Someone is Special

  3. @ Simran

    I read this post thrice and then I got the message you want to convey…
    Excellent post 🙂
    Your ideas simply amazes me…
    ''Anonymous Soul'' a mystery as you are mentioning it again and again..wanna know 🙂

    Thank you so much Little One.. I will email you the mystery behind the story.. Hmmm

    Someone is Special

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