The truth behind resignation – Major Problem in Software Industry

…..if words cannot help, then what else can???

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The problem in Software Industry – Management is ready to give 100% hike or even more than that to lateral entrants, who are ready to join their concern, but thinks a billion times to give 10% hike to their own loyal talented hardworking employees; “Damn!

If they cannot make their sons and daughters happy then how could they assure or guarantee the happiness of their daughter-in-laws or son-in-laws? Do not let your sons and daughters to be bought, by someone with a price… and please do not sell yourself… ask your heart what you want, address the problem if any, there will be ears to listen, if words cannot help, then what else can?

Give it a thought…

PS: “An idle mind is the devil’s playground” Nah, “An idle mind is the playground for self-realisation!”

— By stupid software engineer, who loves his first company madly!
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After posting the above image on Facebook, I was flooded with messages, few comments, and likes because people are not ready to open up on facebook. This is the issue behind the Indian Software Industry; they never try to address their problems, and finally, they change the company as default solution; some by chance, some by external pressure, which is never a solution, in fact, I’d call it as escapism. Why no one could change this trend?

Recently, I read an article about employee resignations (here) which was quite shocking; around 8k people quit in Q1, and the reason they claim is sterling appraisal, as they felt dejected after they got to know about their poor pay hike, even after being loyal to the company for four years, which is not at all easy to decide.

What pushed them to quit? Poor Salary Hike? Of course it is, because nothing else can be the reason – better salary, better profile; but why not decent salary pay hike, and decent profile progression in the same company. ??? Why this never happens in Indian MNC’s?

Why does management consider an employee as important resource only in the exit interview and why not during an appraisal discussion? Why do first resignation is considered as benchmark for onsite travel and why not their past performance? Why this shit happens everywhere? Do we have a solution for this?

I could find only questions to write, but not the answers! Will someone or I be able to answer this someday?

PS: This post will be updated based on views I gather from facebook and also with experts talks.. Stay tuned!

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0 Replies to “The truth behind resignation – Major Problem in Software Industry”

  1. That is a harsh reality and you feel stupid when your juniors are getting a bigger pay check whom you referred. When you ask, the reply is, 'it happens, if you wish you can leave the company.' And when the so called exit interview happens and you are critical to the project same HR offers to hike, promotion or Offshore. Body Shops!

  2. Well…it happens all the time brother…Try my predicament instead- stuck in a public sector company dominated by quotas n oldies who take decades to retire, scraping in same pay for almost a decade! You IT ppl are blessed that u have an exit interview- we don't even have that privilege!

  3. I think we, the employees, are as much to blame as the employers for the disappointments.

    One thing we have to understand is that the company is not doing any favors to anyone – its an unadulterated business transaction that the company has with the employees. You work for me and I will give you money. The company respects 'loyalty' but only if it suits them.

    All in all, there is hardly any place for emotions in a deal between the company and its employees, which, as far as I am concerned, is not a bad thing at all.

    My advice would be to know your worth, know your goal and DEMAND what you want.
    Be loyal to people, not to the companies.

  4. I dunno exactly what to comment…feels so bad for you… 🙁
    although I dnt have any experience of job in software or any other industry but the reviews from my friends is something like which can't be mentioned… 🙁

    GOD bless u…take care… 🙂

  5. Very True. The Management blames its employees for being on a hopping spree for every two years, but if they took care of their employees in the first place, would that be necessary? And About the lateral entries, you are so right. People think so much just to give a meager hike to their own employees, but they are so benevolent when it comes to those who have joined in the later stages. That is unfair. If what people are doing is wrong, what the company is doing is highly unethical!

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