… yet another untold story through my lens!

It’s my pleasure to narrate a story through my lens. Get ready for yet another untold story…

It was once a beautiful and memorable place in his life. He used to visit with her now and then just to spend time with her. That day, he was alone and his camera clicked that untold story of his life!

He walked all the way from the beach to the Island alone.

The path he walked that day was the path he had some sweet memories with her, those kisses and hugs, Mmmm…

The path was not too dangerous but not that easy to walk, yet he walked once again, alone 🙁

Those steps were not too cruel because it helped him; she held his hands whenever they had crossed it.

Those ups and downs on the pathway, those small pillars were the places they kissed and hugged!

Those broken pillars were the ones they sat to rest themselves.

Those clicks she loved madly were his best clicks!

He could relive those moments as he walked once again.

He had walked a long way, alone, and for the first time.

He reread the board “Dangerous Building,” might be they should’ve had given heed to it on that disastrous day, but 🙁

He went inside the Island again

to the beach side,

and to their favorite place!

He saw a couple standing there holding hands; it reminded those old sweet days, when they stood holding each other hands.

And her favorite glasses of his!

the flowers..

and the lonely beach!

And the place where she lost her life, accidentally. That photograph she clicked was the last one clicked by her. Although, he jumped and to save her, she … He searched for her but…

Still even after months he came again, searching for her, but it ended in vain, so he decided to end it

Days passed…

the beach became colorful and people flooded on weekends to enjoy the beautiful picnic spot, but they (he and she) never came back again.

That’s how people are, they forget things easily, as days pass painful memories fade away and new memories starts blooming, whatever lost is still lost, and it is painful only for those who are involved in it, and for everyone else it is just an accident. Stay safe and be safe, because you’ve only one life and only you can care about it! Live your life!

I’m not an expert in photography and I’ve used software to add beauty to my clicks. The concept of the story – The black and white photographs represent his memories and the one he jumps represents both and the rest are what happened that day 🙂

I did make a video for the same story! Do watch them! Do leave your footprints!

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  1. Superab !!..
    Great combination of words with photography ..:).
    very well written story "Someone special" 🙂 Thanku for this sharing this untold story .. 🙂

  2. @ Anu Gupta

    Superab !!..
    Great combination of words with photography ..:).
    very well written story "Someone special" 🙂 Thanku for this sharing this untold story .. 🙂

    Thanks again for your constant support and feedback! Truly honoured to have you here.. Happy!

    Someone is Special

  3. Special One,

    Beauty and creativity in this post is beyond my words…
    Love those clicks especially

    I enjoyed watching video and listening cute music you added in it…the contrast in music you added with other pics giving it a theatrical effect of tragedy…Awesome!

    Keep going, Special One!
    Your such qualities makes you different and special!
    Best Wishes 🙂 🙂

  4. Extremely Creative!!!
    You are damn passionate about everything in life & it simple reflects well into ur words, thoughts, story & character..!!!
    🙂 You mstbe wondering that finally I made a comment.. yet let me tell you & you will b happy to know that its not the first time I hv been reading your this posy!!! YOu always inspire me & hope u know it!!!
    Kudos to u!!
    ///oh the post was super cute amma 😛

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