Shades of life

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Happy Hour: (3 days ago)

The shades of orange were making the evening glitter, of which the dandelion sun had entire share. The small shops on the shore were buzzing with people, kids were playing their favorite game, and the young couples were waiting for the last ray of sun to die – Happy Hour.
Seriously, life has changed so much.

First Date: (12 years ago)

It was a cold winter night spent in the seashore. She lay upon my chest. Her touches ignited my soul despite the freezing winds. Her hand caressed my chest, tracing circles upon it. My heart beat more rapidly in my chest.
She asked, ‘Is this the first time?
I smiled, she smiled, and we did.

That Day: (8 years ago)

I thought it was just another Sunday.
I was sleepy due to a late night office party. Hence, I was unable to join with my wife and two-year-old kid for an early-morning walk in the beach.
An hour had gone by!
I was waiting for them but…

The new channels flashed…(click here to know what happened)

“Tsunami rocked Indian Ocean”

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Image Credits:
Shades of Orange by Harsha Chittar
Courtesy – Curious Dino Photography via
Couples and Tsunami Image Credits: Google Search


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