The Untold Story of Riti; Strangers, in the Night!

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Warning: Please do not watch the video if you are weak-hearted or if you are under 13. Thanks! Kindly use headphones or earphones to experience the real effect of the video. Here you go…

I hope you like the video, if not, I’m sorry 🙁 This is my second attempt to make a video for my blog post, and my first attempt in sound mixing. I did give my best, but my bad, I’m unable to find the sounds I imagined in my mind. I hope next time I will try to better myself. Thanks for your time! The post for you!

The long road was completely empty due to heavy rain. Every strong clap of the thunder increased the heartbeat like a cosine wave. The flashing lights in the sky lighted up the sky from one end to the other, blurring images of the vehicles that buzzed every odd minute. The moist winds were continuously blowing on my face. A ray of hope kept me waiting hoping for the last bus to my hometown, even after half past midnight and I was the only living creature sitting on the bench of silicon city bus stop – the bus stop known for buzzing IT Professionals!

A blurred woman image holding a white colored umbrella was seen at a distance of 100 meters, which came closer and closer each passing second and at last, it was a beautiful girl and she sat next to me at the bus stop. She was wearing a white colored Salwar Kamez. She had a face of an angel. She had worn kajal instead of kohl that added beauty to her powerful eyes. Her nose was drafted perfectly like a triangle. Her perfect pale pink rose bud lips were inviting to kiss them. Her white complexion could put technologies to shame. Her white colored sandals were her pride, I believe. She was hot despite her small faulty tummy; in total, she was an Angel and she mesmerized me!

She was reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and I was reading her lips. PS: Lip reading 😛

She was irritated, so she asked, ‘What?’
‘I’m dying of loneliness. Can you please?’ I said smiling.
She smiled broadly for the first time and said, ‘Okay!’
‘Tell me about yourself?’

‘I’m Ritika, working as a Senior Software Engineer. I’m a Facebook addict; in fact, that’s how I met my boyfriend, who happened to share the same corporate tag, and he calls me Riti!’ She said, forgetting to breathe.

I cursed Mr. Zuckerberg and his co-founders of the social networking site Facebook, managing a smile, as it’s rare to meet a girl aloneat night, and that too a heart stealing beauty.

She smiled and asked, ‘Tell me about you!’

‘I’m Siddesh, working as a Senior Executive Engineer. I’m passionate about writing and I write at Few Unsaid Words. I had a girlfriend but my bad we broke up,a month ago 🙁 ’

‘Really? Even we broke up last week 🙂 I realized he is not the right guy and all he wanted was flesh.’ She said with tears, looking down, and she kept silent for the next few minutes.

She asked, ‘Are you still in love with her?’
I smiled and said, ‘It’s time to move on because she is not going to comeback as my life.’

‘I’m sorry! Anyway, move on, because love is not the life, it is just a part of life. But when you love someone; love her heart and not her flesh, okay?’ She said in a demanding voice. I nodded my head because I loved my girl.

The rain started pouring down heavily in all directions and we were drenched completely by the time she opened her umbrella for us. Her inner was completely visible as her white dress became transparent; she looked like an ice cream and I could not stop staring at hers, she was hot!

I wanted to stop staring at hers so I started reading a-day-old newspaper, which I had in my back bag. As usual, the hot news was “Pregnant woman found dead in her flat!”

BANGALORE WORDS – Bangalore Police officials are trying to determine the cause of a doubtful suicide of a pregnant woman found hanging in her flat, who is working as a software engineer in ABC Enterprises.

‘Am I too hot to handle?’ She asked smiling mischievously!
‘Well, you are damn hot!’ I said, still looking into the paper.
‘Maybe, that’s why Harish always wanted sex I guess,’ she said.
‘Harish! Did she say Harish? Harish and Ritika? What the F!’

I was shocked! I read the same names in the newspaper. Ritika was found dead in her flat. She had committed suicide by hanging and the police suspects that her boyfriend Harish could have murdered and hanged her.

She peeped inside the newspaper, laughing, and said ‘I’m Ritika Chaudhary!’

I fainted!


Three hours later, a loud honk helped to open my eyes to greet the wet windy drizzles and I was sitting at the same bus stop with the same newspaper, and a diary titled ‘Strangers in the night’ was on my lap; my heartbeat raced and I fainted again!


An hour later, a paperboy woke me up, to check whether I was alive or not. I bought a tea for him to express gratitude but he wanted the tea in exchange of newspaper and he was very sweet. I was sure that he would be a star some day in his life. He advised not to sleep at bus stops and left the place. I opened the newspaper only to read the headline that that Harish was found dead in his house last night.

‘What the F? He is dead?’ I rushed back to room because I wished neither to faint again on road nor to get drenched in rain.

‘Is she dead? Is she a ghost? Did she kill Harish? Is she alive? Why she came to me? What’s her motto? Why did she leave her diary? How can ghost write a diary? C’mon can someone find me an answer?’

I had gone mad, completely. Should I read her diary? Should I read the newspaper? Chill let’s read the Newspaper.

image courtesy: Someone is Special

The newspaper confirmed that Ritika and Harish were dead but how did I meet Ritika. Was that my dream? If it was a dream then how did I have her diary in my hand?

The cover of the diary was unique as she had titled her diary, “Strangers in the Night” and the tagline was, “me. my life. my days.”

Even tears could not help. I felt sad! In fact, I wanted to kill Harish, and people like him. Glad Riti, did it!

Dear Riti,
I’m glad I met you! Let your soul rest in peace!
I’ll destroy this diary, as this is yet another untold story; let it be untold!
Stay Blessed!

My mobile phone beeped, ‘You’ve a text from Isha!’ I jumped in joy as she texted ‘I miss U 🙁 Please come to Forum Mall by 4 PM, ♥ U’

A Thought: “Love your special ones truly and heartily! Never ditch your better half, and this holds good for both the genders. Live beautifully! PS: Strangers in the night cannot be couples

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Copyrights: I hold the copyrights of the images & video used in the post © Someone is Special All Rights Reserved.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are products of my imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

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0 Replies to “The Untold Story of Riti; Strangers, in the Night!”

  1. Dear SIS,
    This is scary, very scary.. and after reading your disclaimer on the video, I did not watch it.. thanks for that!!
    I started reading the story and felt disdain at the first paragraph – I thought this is not SIS – he hasn't done a good job.. but then the story got better.. yet, the fear grew and this is a nightmare – a bad nightmare no girl would want to happen to her.
    There will still be more Harish-type people who will keep using girls for their needs. One Harish's death will not do much to clean this world – isn't it?

  2. Seems like you've been experimenting a lot of different mediums to tell a story. Nicely done. I like how you've interspersed images – they seem so real. ATB for BAT!

  3. Hi,

    The best part about reading this post was witnessing the effort that had gone into its making. In fact, after I was done with my post, I remember thinking I needed more images and less text. In the age of facebook, we need "multimedia prose" and this post is a good example of that. Besides, the theme naturally lends itself to creepy stories, doesn't it? Kudos on a great attempt and ATB.


  4. SiS- The post was portrayed beautifully. Not 18, I did not watch the video though, I bet that would have been brilliant too. The intermixing of love and that spookiness was done brilliantly. All the best for BAT. 🙂

  5. And you are back with your twisting tragic I was talking about! 😀
    Speechless! after reading such a mysterious tale! Excellent!!

    Enjoyed reading Dairy entries and I must appreciate you for the great efforts you put in making the video with thrilling effects.
    also liked the tagline '' days''

    All the very best to you Special One! 🙂


  6. First off thanks a lot for your vist and encouraging feedback on my means a lot to me..its really satisfying to have such positive words from a writer of your stature.

    and ah! I was speechless after reading your story…mystery wrapped in bit of tragedy ..captivating narration…

    All the best for BAT..

  7. I was too 'darpok' to watch the video at first 😛 But glad I did..
    A very unique story revolving around a ghost..though the images took a long time to load..but the wait was worth it.

  8. @ The Fool,

    I was waiting to read your comment TF! You made my day! Thanks!

    As I said Panchali.. The best thing one could do is to notice and appreciate little things carefully created by the creator and you've done that today.. I'm on Seventh Heaven! Thanks you Karthik!

    Someone is Special

  9. @ Little One,

    Yes.. After a very long time no? Happy to write a mysterious tale after a long gap but after a romantic post 🙂 Contrasting no little one?

    Thank you little one.. I'm happy to put efforts so that I can happily read encouraging comments from ma little one 🙂

    Thanks again 🙂

    Someone is Special

  10. Dear SIS
    I must say this is a fantastic story,and a little goose bumpy too !!
    Your commitment toward writing is excellent, and that can be clearly seen in your work!I love the way you bring variety to your work!
    And yes Riti did a right job,One Harisih gone, means one Riti saved!

    * SMILES*

  11. Remember reading and commenting on this SIS! Don't know if my BSNL connection played spoilsport by disconnecting just as my comment was going thru!

    Loved the post and loved the creative way you presented the whole tale – video, diary and all!

  12. Hey! I salute to people who don't experiment. So <>

    I can only imagine the kind of effort that has gone into this. First, to work on the story. And second, to work on the medium. Really praise you for the effort and the output.

    I liked the story – it was something very different. Really liked the part about telling the untold story to someone. I wonder why you had the 'text' form of the story… the video was sufficient I felt (don't think it was scary).. but that's a personal take.

    If I were to give some constructive feedback: I would say that the diary pages one after the other were too many. So much that it was a little tough to focus on the dates. But I know, you had to show the entire story.

    Also, in the beginning, had you shown some images (rain, girl in white, bus stop) etc, that would have been a BIG added plus.

    The sound effects were nice. I wanted more. Ah yes, in the beginning, when you had huge paragraphs, I think breaking them would have helped. The font and the size the text was taking on the screen was making it a little tough to read and follow.

    Phew! I hope I am just trying to give you a third person's perspective on the video. And it takes nothing away from what you have done. I really praise you for this effort. A commendable job!

    PS: Never stop experiementing. I loved experimenting on my posts… and probably stopped somewhere.. but you are my inspirations to start again.

    Q: What was the file size?? How did you manage to keep it low? (And I believe you used Audacity to mix the other sounds to your phone video recording. And photoshopped the images like diary etc.. correct?)

    Great job!

  13. @ ashzzes,

    Welcome back ashzzes. I'm super glad to read your comment.. Goosebumps ? Wow Success.. What about your sis? Did she watch?

    Thanks again for all your encouraging words, one correction, one Harish gone – many Riti saved, and vice versa, if the girl does the above.

    Someone is Special

  14. @ Khistij,

    It's not just Sachin, not just writing, not just experiment, even we connect with thoughts. I'm sure!

    It was a Monday late night when I thought of penning this story. The moment I started creating this story, I was visualizing a lot, like an image of girl walking, bus stop, but I'm not an expert in mixing video and image, that's the reason, in the initial part I did not play much with it. Even I had a girl cry, heartbeat, and many more sounds in my mind, but my bad, I'm unable to get all the sounds I wished and imagined. If I would've done that, I'm sure it would've been a masterpiece.. Thanks for your constructive feedback!

    The file size is around 800 MB, which took almost 3 hours to upload :P, Audacity to mix the audio bits, (guitar, humming, walking sound, heartbeat, feeble fire sound, haunted sound, etc), Photoshop to create diary and newspaper cuts, and Windows Movie Maker to complete the art… Thanks again!

    When you leave a comment like that I could not resist myself from jumping to your blog and typing a big reply because I feel the best gift to a creator is thy constructive comments 🙂

    Keep smiling.. Thanks for making my day!

    Someone is Special

  15. Speechless…Creativity at its best!

    The effects in the video were superb. Amazing. Feels good when you follow someone as talented as you.

    Please write something like this for a contest. I want that a larger audience admires your work. I still remember how I read your story each night when I shifted to NYC in November last year.

    You are super talented!!!

  16. @ Someone is Special

    Hey. Crying girl, heartbeat, and other sounds would definitely have made it an even more super product 🙂

    800 MB??? 🙂 Man! That is huge. In my line of work, I have to keep playing around with huge files… and I know what 800 MB is!! Thanks for telling me your modus operandi.

    And again – good job buddy. See you soon.

  17. I cannot imagine all the work you've put in to tell this tale. It is a simple story but I totally appreciate the visuals that accompanied it. I haven't had a chance to view the video yet but will definitely come back to do that.

  18. This one! Oh this one! An excellent one. Deserved to be the winner of the BAT! Congrats… An excellent one!! The pages of the diary made me shed tears. A thoroughly delightful post! Keep up the good work!

  19. Finally this was the one somehow got skipped from my reading list!!!
    Extraordinary!!! I loved the whole track, lines, concept presentation.. n in whole the story!!!
    🙂 Smiles!! It also reminded me of my pages of diary.. how i quoted my little incidents… long time bk…in school…
    The moments are nice to quote but if they are bitter, better we skip them quoting from life & learn to move on!! I'm glad you burnt that diary at the end for the ugly untold story!!!
    Blessing all for You!!
    I enjoyed so much.. for a while felt like i was somewhr else.. was part of the story… in the rain & looking at both of you…. Life!! Ting TINg TING!!!! its alarming!!!

    Thanks for sharing lovely story!!
    Gracious always!
    Keep the Spark ALive..

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