A Sweet Milestone

  This wind you think of, thus blows by me
  I walk t’is dream burning fair – on asphalt.
  See her with delight, but soft and lone thee
  Cross’d path the night, amidst I listen alt,
  neath the wide volumes, turn my soul inside.
  Slips by the oversight, stumbled by the fall
  Passion that hides, richer said than words soft
  She maketh unseen color, My youth painted
  Walked by my unconscious, juvenile mind
  Count the hours: daylight, fair moon arise,
  Then I shalt see thee, with my impatient eyes
  Ti’s day shalt rise fair, my eyes intent thy.
  I have walked this asphalt: lone and forlorn
  I wouldst walk afar, A few more, endless miles…

P.S. Few Miles completed 3 years today!
I tried molding Few Mile’s journey and the Sentiments through my choicest words.

Thank you Sarav.

From the desk of Someone is Special,

It’s not just another post, it’s something special, and it is dedicated to Blogoversary of Few Miles by my dear friend Pranali, who writes at “Blank verses and Invisible lines”. It’s my pleasure to have her here on this special day, and I so thank her from the bottom of my heart for whatever she has blessed to Few Miles. Thank you!

I started this blog on 20 October 2009 on demand by my sweet friend and as a sweet dedication to my dream angel under the pen name, “Someone is Special” Today, I am so happy as my blog turns three. 3 years, 1095 days, 26280 hours of writing has changed my life a lot! Thank you all for the support and constant encouragement 🙂

Yesterday was Little One’s Second Blogoversary. As usual, we had combined Blogoversary Celebrations of My Friendship and Few Miles here on Little One’s Blog. Do join us! And, here is a video dedicated to our Blogoversary.

And to little one..

special celebrations
to mark a sweet journey
as it unites us with
a precious invisible bond

special memories
I share with Little One
and My Friendship,
cannot be said in words!

with words I wish,
the little flower
to cross a Few Miles,
with SmileS…!

0 Replies to “A Sweet Milestone”

  1. Pranali,

    It's my extreme pleasure to have you here on this special day. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful poetry to Few celebrate Miles Journey through your choicest words. Smiles.. Blessed!


  2. Little One,

    Touched by your words.. I feel like I'm at top of the world. I do not know what to write here, or how to thank for everything that makes me more emotional when typing this comment. Thank you!

    Special One!

  3. Beautiful presentation! Congratulations Sarav 🙂

    I came through the little one… Very sweet of her and you, to come together with a special bond of friendship.

    Best Wishes

  4. My Heartiest Congratulations to you Special One for completing Golden Three Years of Blogging 🙂

    You makes everything so Special 🙂 How I wonder… 😉
    I thank you for making my day… And one of my cutest blogging memories with this post! Your words inspire me to write, to express, to create something new.. My Inspiration you are!

    I appreciate your efforts in making the video with such beautiful words and presentation.
    I feel privileged being your friend.

    Thank you so much…
    Wish You and Few Miles many more years of colorful, beautiful & Successful years of Blogging!


  5. Simply WOOOOW..!!!! for both, your words and your efforts… 🙂 It is the sweetest dedication I have ever seen… All the very best and God Bless to both of you… may you both accumulate tons of prizes and win over tons and tons of hearts… 🙂

  6. My Heartiest Congratulations bro on completing 3 long years. .its almost a year since I have been reading your work and Trust me you are one of the finest blogger's of this nation. . !!And its always fun reading your work . !!
    Hope your reach more and more mile stones in your life and continue writing for a few long miles. .!!

  7. Dear Sarav,

    You have woven these words with tender hands 🙂
    I loved the last line.. "I wouldst walk afar, A few more, endless miles…" which truly depicts journey..of life.. of one's Blog.. 🙂
    Wishing you many more years of 'Happy Blogging' 🙂 .. and joy filled reasons to pen 🙂

    Glad to have come across..you on Blogospere.. 🙂

    P.S. Congratulations on completing 3 years..of Happy meaningful Blogging.. 🙂

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