A start to the full stop!

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The Plot:

The hero, Bruce Tracy, is a convict on death row in the Arlington State Penitentiary, a hellhole of a prison. He is a former drug addict, and is afflicted by AIDS.

Bruce is scheduled to be executed in 48 hours, wrongly convicted of the brutal murder of his hooker girlfriend, whom he loved deeply. Her violent death had him hungering for vengeance at first. However, his wrongful conviction has made him a fatalistic man convinced of his impotency in extracting revenge from those who have wronged him.

Bruce learns of a secret tunnel that some other prisoners have dug in a plan to escape from the prison. The leader of this escape plot, Billy – The Brawler, is a man who had brutally raped Bruce in the prison showers in the past. Billy is a gay ex-boxer serving time for armed robbery.

48 hours away from being executed, an AIDS infected Bruce can choose to either expose Billy and his plan, thus denying Billy his one shot at freedom, or convince Billy to allow him to join the group and escape from prison, or do nothing.

What will Bruce choose? Why?

The Story:

People calls me a brutal murderer, for which I deserve absolutely nothing, not even the simplest of life to live and they await my end, which is just 12 hours away, but are they ready to accept that I’ve a heart too, which has emotions, desires and dreams about a girl, with whom I fell in love deeply. Even the wall of this prison, though a hell-hole, knows how much I love that brown-eyed beauty, which constantly reminds me of the beautiful days I once lived with her.

…………………………………….six months ago
I, Bruce Tracy – a former drug addict, and a mad lover of ballet accidentally met a brown-eyed beauty, Rose, who was a ballet dancer by passion and a hooker by profession, and the very next minute I was with her on a bed, fucking her hard for hours, and Heroin – a drug that ruled me those days, did the rest. That night helped to burn my physical desires, and I was hitting upon her now and then for a month, but eventually, I fell in love with her brown eyes that pierced my soul each time I looked into it.

She helped to get rid of my drug addiction with her pure love and she did stop sleeping with other nasty men for the reason that she kept secret until I confessed my never-ending love for her. Not only we exchanged hearts but also the special rings with our names printed on it. Life became meaningful, beautiful, and soulful. Actually, she was my life.

…………………………………….three months ago
It was a fateful night that crushed our dreams like a sandstorm destroying the crop filed. My cute girl, the love of my life was lying naked on a pool of blood, her eyes were pierced out, her breast was cut, her throat was slit, and her legs was split with an axe stabbed, which should’ve had hurt our angel. I went down on my knee, broke down in tears, and I so wanted to find them, cut into pieces, grind to granules, and burn those perverts. As before fate decided my bad, I was caught by a police officer who came in there casually. My bloodshed hands, my fingerprints on the axe were enough to convict and I had no escape. I was fuming in vengeance, and all I wanted was a clue to find them, and an opportunity to crush those motherfuckers.

…………………………………….two months ago
Prison life had no new surprises for me, but each time there will be a gang of people who keeps bullying me until I lose my self-control. Despite those torments and hunger for vengeance, I had to perform various duties as a part of our daily schedule in the prison. It included kitchen services, restrooms cleaning services, laundry services, and other duties as well. I was the unluckiest of all, I did know it before, because I had to clean restrooms, and the worst part was to work with two assholes – Billy and Rocky.

Billy, an ex-boxer, a fat bastard who has 52-inch chest, weighing 400 pounds, and he is known for his 10-inch cock, and he had brutally raped most of the assholes in the prison. Rocky, a lean asshole, who is also a gay and they had fucked every other man in the prison. It was a nightmare to work with them; in fact, I cleaned the toilets that they were supposed to clean and I filled the water tubs on behalf of them. It was hell for me.

When I spent my daytime working with those trashes, I loved my nights, because that’s when, I wrote her name on the wall of the prison, and sometimes I scribbled poems too. One of those poems that explain my loneliness is.

The bridge is not so long
I can come to you along
The loneliness is killing me,
I can kill myself to be with you
Those sweet memories never fade away
I wish I could relive my days with you
The hunger for vengeance is still alive
I want to cut them into pieces
RIP Rose

It was once again a fateful day in my life. It was the fat bastard Billy, who forced me down to floor during work without any clue, handcuffed me back, made me naked, and he penetrated my anus with his 10-inch cock, biting my ears and neck.

I was burning in pain, crying for help, but no one helped; it was hard to escape from the fat bastard, after a certain point of time, my body gave up, and I froze. After Billy, it was that lean one-eyed bastard Rocky took his turn and filled my asshole again. I hate this feeling; in fact, I can never imagine being fucked by a gay but two gays had fucked me for hours? Shit, shit… shit!

It was not just the physical pain but I felt ashamed for being incapable to fight back, and it caused impotency in extracting revenge. I was unable to show my face to anyone in the prison after that, not even to work, and I was counting my days, the last few days of my hectic life.

…………………………………….a month ago
It was a general medical checkup for the prisoners, which shocked, and shattered me into pieces. I wished to die the next second, as I still cannot believe that I had acquired AIDS – a dreadful Deficiency Syndrome that kills White Blood Corpuscles from one’s body to invite other germs. It furies me to know I did acquire this disease in the last one month and it must be from those bastards, Billy and Rocky.

Though I was fuming at first, the dark patches of my life made me a fatalistic man. I lost the hope for living; in fact, I had no reasons to live, my whole body was tiring sooner, and was falling sick now and then. I had nothing left to live, and I was counting my last few days of my hectic life.

…………………………………….a week ago
It was yet another day that I loved to live once again. I was on cleaning duty, and heard two-men discussing about a secret tunnel that some other prisoners have dug in a plan to escape from the prison. I fixed my ears on the wall of the restroom, listened to their conversation, and learnt every small detail about the secret tunnel. Moreover, in no time, they came out naked, and they were none other than those motherfuckers Billy, and Rocky. I hid myself behind the door to escape from being fucked again. I knew I could have had been fucked again if I was caught by them. Glad, I did not.

I was confused on what to do next; either to escape from this hellhole with Billy, Rocky, and Team or to expose Billy and his plan, thus denying Billy his one shot at freedom. I knew I could not live for hundred years; still, if I escape with them, I could fly like a free bird. On the other hand, they were the ones who fucked me, who gave this dreadful disease to me, and made me a fatalistic man. I was damn sure that they would spoil the world with whatever they’ve had given me, that’s why I had taken a decision and I so wanted to execute it before being executed.

…………………………………….36 hours ago
Just 48 hours, all I had was 48 hours before my end. I wanted to do get rid of the impotency in extracting anger, to revenge, and to be a man I was before six months ago, but was not the same now, though I so wanted to kill these bastards but…
Why me? Why could not I? Why?

I asked to myself, a billion times. Still, I could not figure out an answer. I wanted to… so I banged my head on the wall a few times, then I punched on the floor and finally kicked on the door a few times, but… nothing helped, and I was tired; hence, I slept.

…………………………………….12 hours ago
I sensed my end, which was 24 hours away. I know I would be executed as scheduled, but do I deserve the capital punishment? Did I kill my girl? Should not she rest in peace? After all, she was the one who colored my life beautifully, she was my medicine to get rid of drugs, and she was myself, my real self, no?

‘Bruce… C’mon, you are an angry man… you have to extract revenge against those fuckers; after all, they deserve to be dead. C’mon…’

‘It wasn’t me… It wasn’t me… It wasn’t me who killed Rose…’ I blabbered

I banged my head again and again trying to get rid of the impotency in extracting revenge but doing so, I became semiconscious. Rose and the beautiful memories invaded my mind and occupied my thoughts. I smiled counting the last few hours of my life, as I knew I would be executed as scheduled because I had no choice.

I could hear the footsteps. ‘It should be Billy’s and his teammates… It’s my turn baby.’

Hungering for vengeance, I fume like an acid, and I wait for them with my hawk eyes.

‘It’s just ninety seconds away. C’mon Bruce, fuck those motherfuckers!’

‘Cut them into pieces, grind to granules. Are you ready?’

Billy, Rocky, and team are taken by surprise, as I’m standing just before the doors of their freedom. I welcome them with a smile, which I enjoyed.

Billy approaches me shouting like a banshee with a big knife. I move aside only to make him fall down. He angry face burns, and he once again tries to stab me, but this time… I moved aside, slit his throat with a small weapon, the weapon known for cutting sharply, easily and powerfully – a scalpel (surgical knife). He falls down saying that it was a good move!

Rocky, the one-eyed fucker loses his eye while trying to attack me from behind and his animal cry makes me happy. That’s a perfect revenge for whatever they have done to Rose and in a similar way by slitting their throat and piercing out the eyes.
The only person left in the Billy’s gang is Jane. She is a doctor who served American Army in her late twenties, wrongly booked in a medical fraud, and imprisoned for lifetime. She sees delighted as she could finally see the real Bruce – a beast who ruled his school days.

…………………………………….10 hours ago
If it was Rose who made me feel loved, but then I lost my virginity with Jane. She was a beautiful queen, with a strange air of mystery around her, her beautiful and big blue eyes and to look into those eyes was bliss, her face was round like a moon, her skin was as white as milk and she was a queen of my heart in those days. Though we lost the golden touch, I was happy to meet her in the hell-hole as a savior at the last minute of my life.

She was the one who revealed about Rose murder and what Billy and Rocky did to her, how much she had to suffer in the last few minutes before her end. It made me furious; actually, I became uncontrollable as I kept punching my face.

She made me calm, narrated a plan, she promised she would help with weapons, and she made to believe that I could revenge those motherfuckers. In addition to this, it was also her payback to Billy, as he tricked her in the medical fraud for which she was imprisoned for years despite being innocent.

She hugs me smiling, as we avenged Billy and Rocky to deny his freedom at one shot, and more than that, we rediscovered the lost magical touch between us as fell for each other once again.

‘Let’s search for Inland Taipan. It’ll help to cure you’

I smiles, she kisses me deep and passionately. It’s time for Bruce-maniac!

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  1. Phenomenal SIS…undoubtedly stupendous… You did the complete justice with Bruce…His pain his anxiety his will for the revenge were very clear through your words…Every scene was there in front of my eyes while reading… God bless you Keep writing I am sure many more legends must be waiting to come out through your pen… Keep romancing with it… 🙂

  2. Special One,

    This is remarkable! Brilliant take on the plot. It was too challenging but as always you've proved your extraordinary creativity and excellence. I wish you carry on with the same spirit 🙂
    Perfectly blended emotions and satires.

    My best wishes to you
    Stay Smiling!

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