Moment of the Millennium: A Lip Lock

“It’s party time!” said Navya in her sweet voice, for which the team jumped in happiness. For an IT Professional like us, every day is a challenge, every hour is money, and each second is a ‘do or die’ struggle, still whenever we get a reason to celebrate, we do smile and celebrate!

It was Navya’s Birthday. She is a heart stealing beauty with her big moist eyes and a perfectly drafted nose adds beauty to her face. Her white complexion is hard to describe. Totally, she is an angel who turned 22 on 12 December 2012. As it was day of the millennium, we thought of celebrating her birthday in a special way and at sharp 12:12:12 – the moment of the millennium, we made the cutie to cut the cake and in less than a minute, the whole cake was on her face. It was indeed a big surprise for her, for which she could not stop smiling.

It was that golden moment, when Karthik – a well-built short hair guy went on his one knee with a diamond ring to propose his love to the birthday angel. She could not stop blushing; in fact, no girl can. When everyone was wondering what’s going to happen next, she accepted his proposal, and he put the ring on making the moment more beautiful. That’s when she called a party, a pizza party – A pizza party for 50 people!

We had two options; one – Dominos and the other was PHD. And on popular demand, we opted for Dominos. We enquired about the price for a bulk order, for which they agreed to give a decent discount, and when we were about to finalize the deal, Raghav shouted in his grave voice.

“Sir, we would get a better offer if we book online. Moreover, I know a site where we can get coupons for a good deal. The site name is CupoNation

CupoNation?” He showed us the site. It looked fantastic right from the logo to the wide variety of offers they give on various stores. I was impressed!

He also suggested us to order in small chunks to get a better deal and as decided ten of us ordered separately, got it delivered at the same time, and enjoyed the party. While we tasted pizza’s Karthik tasted Navya followed by a tight hug and they are a perfect couple. At last, we all had a good party. Thanks to CupoNation, Dominos and to Navya and Karthik.

On Karthik’s request I’ve posted this incident on my blog and this is pretty much the reason for the below Tweet. Got the answer…?

Stay tuned for updates on Haiku Challenge 2013. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2013 in advance!!!!

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  1. Special One,

    After so many days…
    How are you? Lovely post! Cheers for the Dominos 🙂 🙂

    Haiku Challenge 2013!! I am so excited.. Will try best to write for all the prompts.

    Best wishes to you!
    SmileS & Care

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