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Promises are never meant to be broken. Though a lot of times they are broken, still a promise is a promise; in fact, it is a huge word. I accepted the invite of Chimnese Davids to review her debut poetry book, “MUSES OF WANDERING PASSIONS” despite the busy personal schedule. I thought I could complete it on time, but even after a month, and a half of dozen of reminders, I’m yet to write a review.

Why am I hesitant to write a review? It is such an amazing poetry book. The title in itself expresses how the author feels about writing and I so wanted to give my best shot to write a detailed review about it. The author starts with a beautiful quote about change in life.

Change is possible if you allow it to happen. Nothing in life is constant; it’s always evolving and that’s how life happens for me. Through my adversities, I can reach new heights.” – Chimnese Davids

In Editor’s words:
The book is the very definition of sadness and of loss. Its undiluted mourning grips the reader: within the starkness, the sincerity of recollections in fairness to the one causing the broken heart is touching: “That is what you meant to me: a light that shone through the darkness.” (Your smile, p. 56)

The book contains the pensive reflections on a life that passed, but also the effects of it in the now. It brings a test of ability to those in need; a showdown. The reader is gently guided to assess own love. It is often better to look at the self through the eyes of others.

It is true that Ms. Davids guide us to assess one’s own love through her words; love in scripted words.

In Author’s words:
Writing for me has always been an escape; a way to express my true feelings. I write about my circumstances and how they affect me; how I would change them if I could. I write down my hopes and my dreams. I pour out all my joy and my sadness and this verbalization keeps me sane. It keeps me from losing the one small piece of me that remains hidden away, where no one could find it. It is a way to express what is in my heart and soul; those deep places where many people hesitate to venture.

When you write, you are tapping into your inner soul and it is really hard to lie to yourself, when you are putting words down that translate emotions that cannot be denied. There is much I can say about my writing, about my book, or every story I have ever written in my life, but the one conclusion that really stands out, is this: I know there is power in words, power to express and to heal one. My wandering imagination never gives up on me and always finds ways to explore what my emotions entail.

Words are God’s gift to mend a broken soul.

I second that.

The Book:
An 88-page book made of golden words touches your inner soul to assess one’s love. The poems are grouped under seven categories that take one through a rollercoaster ride of life and each of those poems stand on their own. I would like to pick a few and say why I liked it so much.

Finding a feather on your path
She wore the symbolic feather;
most said it was a figment of her
yet it stood written in the book
of philosophy that she would
wear the symbolic feather,
but she is the messenger.

To write a figment of imagination as a message to this world is a sweet gesture.

Walking in the rain
I speak in a passionate voice:
“God, is this blessing your tears
wanting to wash away
the pain we all carry inside?”
It’s only when the winter comes
that rain pours down
cleansing my face,
a face that needed this rain
so the pain doesn’t remain …

The message conveyed in the poem is very strong that God thus washes away the pain we all carry inside in form of rain.

Where faith leads me
They are two lost souls that are currently on
a journey of their own.
Yet, their faith in meeting
doesn’t falter, because they believe
in the Divine Love of His Spirit,
that dwells in each of us.

Ms. Davids said it all…

Underneath the dark shines a light
I can feel it loosen, I can feel the weight
lifting off my shoulders,
and I can feel my eyes burning by light.
Finally, I can see faces of people smiling,
as a bright light took me into its
waiting arms.

Sometime words cannot say it…

Can’t breathe without you
I can’t breathe,
I can’t eat,
I can’t seem to find a way
out this maze my heart
has let me walk.
I need your passion;
I can’t breathe without you.
Just bring your heart back to me,
because I can’t let go,
I won’t give up;
not on my heart.
Without you I can’t breathe.
I am still in love with you …

If you are a lighthearted person then please do not read the above one.

Empty Bottle
I miss you popping up on my screen.
It’s like I am left with an empty half:
you know, when a bottle is full
and you pour it half way?
That is how I feel … like a half-empty bottle.
I write these words mostly for me,
just to remember what you meant to me.
That feeling that you would always be there.

Like…an half-empty bottle I feel; lost in words…

You give me the faith of love,
believing in passion and desires
as my lips touch my beloved,
as her caresses puts me in a mood
of great desire, filled in the depth
of our souls, combining
us as one.

A postcard from heaven
Dear, I have been sending you
a postcard ever since I have left;
I have kept most of the letters
knowing it would never reach you,
but this might be the last one since
you are coming here soon.
I can’t wait to be reunited with you.
I love you and miss you;
I’ll be there, waiting near the white gate
as you walk over that cloud.
You will love it here.
Till we meet again.
Postcard from heaven, with love.

This is my favorite poem of all. I love this 🙂

About Chimnese Davids:
Chimnese Davids is South African, accounts clerk and freelance writer. Her first publication was with an online magazine Allthings Girl in 2010.She had also been published in three anthologies, Step Into My Shoes published through Jafansta. Inc in June 2011 and Love In Creativity, published through Jingle and Gooseberry Garden Community in March 2012.She was 12 years old when she started writing and won a contest in 1996.Her debuted poetry and prose collection, “Muses of Wandering Passions” is her first book published. Her editor and publisher (KREATIVSA~ August 2012) said that the book would be a guide to her readers to find hope in their own strength and how the heart can heal itself in time with the true nature of her spiritual journey that would take the reader to places they’ve never searched within themselves.

Book Details:
Title : Muses of Wandering Passions
Author : Chimnese Davids
Publisher : KREATIV SA
Launch Date : 14 October 2012
Where : Cape Town ~ South Africa
Email ID :
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Website :

Book Links:
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Ms. Davids has saved the best for the last ones. The Poet’s Voice section and the poem New Possibilities are my personal favorites.

To conclude, I would say this is a book to be read to assess one’s love. You will walk into the depth of Ms. Davids feelings when reading the poetry, and finally you’ll be in tears. I’m sure Ms. Davids will be winning many awards and will reach heights. I would like to give four out of five stars for her work and I wish her Good luck 🙂

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  1. From one poet to another
    I want to thank you for this amazing review. 4 starts is quite an awesome achievement.
    This book had really made waves amongst people who's never read poetry before and how they interpretted the outcome is amazing. With your review good things could come.

    Thank you SiS.

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