April Heights Haiku Month” Challenge is on. The theme for day 15 is ‘Morning Mist’ and for day 16 is ‘Nightingale’. Here is my take…

whistles and gurgles
he sings for his soul mate
till the morning mist

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0 Replies to “Nightingale”

  1. @ Nanka

    He does many other things SIS this sly, devious slothful creature but its songs are the most mellifluous whistles rising to a crescendo!!

    Yes.. You are right Nanka.. And welcome back to Few Miles.. Glad to read your comment 🙂

    Someone is Special

"முகமறியா நண்பர்களின் கருத்துக்களே எனக்கு படிகற்கள்"

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