#401 – A small celebration ♥

This is going to be a special post because for the first time, my sweetest dearest wife Vidhya has written a poem for me, a simple one 🙂 Here you go sweetheart! The stage is all yours:

हम हैं दो
मिलके बने एक
हमने लिखे ४००
आज है ४०१..
अब लिखते हैं हम जुगलबंदी
​आपको दिल से है धन्यवाद
मेरी यही है नई शुरुवात

Well as she said, from now on we will travel a few miles together 🙂 and here is yet another special poem from Grandma, Swarna Kaur. Thanks Grandma, as always your poem makes me feel special. Little one, special thanks to you for making Vidhya’s poem sweeter 😀

कर्म क्रिया प्रतिक्रिया अनुक्रिया
क्रीड़ा करते जीवन प्रान्गड़ में
सुख दुःख की विराट कुहेलिका
धुप छाव करती काननं में
एक तार में पीरे ये मानस
होते नित आविगत अन्नंत में
काल चक्र देती गति सृष्टि को
सब अतीत होता अंत में

As most of you know, my sweet journey started with the poem titled First Waters, followed by milestone post by guest writers and me.

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* #401 – Since, this is the first poem from Vidhya’s pen I wanted to give a start to her and that’s why 401*

The journey is a mix of ups and downs, smiles and tears, still a sweet one and without Few Miles, I am nothing. Today, I am glad to have published one of my short stories ‘The Last Date’ in the book Kaleidoscope: An eclectic collection of twenty-five amazing stories written by 25 different writers including me and this anthology owes its origin to an international short story competition organised by Springtide. I hope in near future or before I turn 30, I will publish my first novel. Stay with me my dear readers, friends and well-wishers.

Thank you for being there dear friends! Let’s celebrate!!

Please raise your glasses and let’s enjoy the champagne…

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That’s No: 401 <3 A small celebration <3 Please welcome our guest writers 😀 Read the post here: http://t.co/PuwdUJRBGi #HindiPoetry
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#400 Memories of a lifetime!

There lived a person who happily enjoyed each and every second of his life! Do you know how? Any guesses?

If your answer is, “Yes, but each and every second is highly impossible.” Well, that was what I too said to my love Isha. She laughed and replied, “Well there lived a person and I know him personally.” I was not convinced; I know there is no such person lived in this earth, even if that person is God, as God itself had been put through many tough sticky situations.

She then made me read read his interview on a daily newspaper, I was surprised! How someone could happily lived each and every second of his life? And that person was none other than Isha’s grandfather – the shocking truth.

Radhakrishnan (1901 – 2001), nope Rocky, he preferred to be called so, was the head cook of Sir Archibald Edward Nye, the last colonial governor of Madras Presidency. He was a specialist in South Indian Cuisines, European Cuisines and Japanese Cuisines. He was always appreciated by Edward Nye and his own family for the taste and aroma he brought into the cuisines, his style and his experiments in brewing coffee. Apart being a cook, he was a good poet who wrote Kavithai in Tamil at nights. He was married to Kannamma and he fathered a dozen of children equal in both sex. And lived in small hut house in SothuKalvai. He always claimed that the secret behind India’s Independence was his cooking and on a fine day, he ordered Edward Nye to leave India as a token of appreciation.

There is a saying in Tamil, “uppittavarai uLLaLavum ninai” (உப்பிட்டவரை உள்ளளவும் நினை) means we should never forget the person who served or cooked food for you and the best way to pay for it is to obey their words.

Rocky’s belief was simple: first are the eyes that sees, second is the nose that smells, third is the tongue that tastes the food and finally to heaven!

The secret behind his happiness was simple: enjoy everything that you do. And he did that right from the time he woke up in the morning to the time he went to bed in the night and at times even after that. Below was the list, I would say the secret.

1. Early morning visit to the field: the pleasant smell of the fresh morning breeze and the smiling field associated him very much to the divine nature.

2. Bathing in the Coovum River: the freshness brought by the river to his body and then praying to God Sun gave him a fantastic start to the day.

3. Milking the cow: it was not just milk; the environment and many other things counted for him.

4. Brewing coffee: not an Italian cappuccino lover, but he brewed many different flavours of coffee and cherished the aroma associated with that.

5. Dosa lover: dose, dosai, dosay or whatever be the name; paper dosa, ghee dosa, podi dosa or whatever be the type, the fresh golden coloured recipe, the lasting taste in mouth and the aroma made his day a golden day.

6. Bullock cart travel to Eddy’s house: he was unique, as he enjoyed the dance of the bulls, freshness of the kolam on the road and everything made his travel wonderful.

7. Lunch Preparation: a group of ten people prepared food for the Governor’s house, but lunch was his bucket. He enjoyed preparing the meal; be it Sāmbhar, rasam, kara kolambu, meen varuval, vendakai poriyal, mutton thokku or whatever, he enjoyed the fragrance while cooking. The fragrance contributed by every ingredient when adding to the dish, he enjoyed even that!

8. Cleaning dishes: though the head cook, still he loved to clean the dishes to enjoy the bright shining faces of them.

9. Cooking dinner: he enjoyed cooking the dinner more than lunch as he cooked for his own family. And every day he was appreciated for the same.

10. Writing Poems: Tamil was an integral part of him. Writing Kavithai helped him to find peace. He not only wrote about the nation but also about food, the love for food and the way he enjoyed cooking.

11. To bed: the best part of the day was sleeping and he said that at least ten thousand times in this lifetime.

To everyone, he was a role model in his period, as he did whatever he enjoyed; even before dying; he said that he would enjoy the smell of death soon. And after reading his interview and after hearing more about him from Isha, I liked my own life. I started enjoying each and every fragrance around me, right from the morning fresh breeze to the most pleasant smell of romance at nights. In fact, I would say I started smelling life. And a lot of nostalgic memories were associated with different fragrances in my life because smell and memories always had a direct linkage as the smell activates the brain and recalls sweet memories. I wish I could list everything, but a few are listed below:

* First time, when I sensed the freshness of a newly born baby (Ashik, my nephew) I felt new, which words could never express. I did not stop instead I went ahead and started falling in love with fragrance around.

* First time after our marriage, when I was holding Isha’s hands sitting on windowsill, I loved the pleasant smell of wet winds and after that, even when I was alone wet winds always reminded of her.

* First time, when I was kissing Isha under a banyan tree after getting drenched in rain, the refreshing smell of the soil made the moment romantic and even now, whenever I kiss Isha I could recall the refreshing smell.

* First time, when I was cooking, the mouth-watering smell that comes out while seasoning the food was something I could enjoy every time I cook; still I feel that as one of the best fragrance ever smelled 🙂

*First time, the enticing smell of jasmines and roses and of course Isha’s are something that mesmerizes me on all romantic nights.

* The freshness of the new book (THE NOTEBOOK) and that of the old one (LOVE STORY) reminds me of the books in brackets.

Apart from the ones listed above, fragrance of Agarbatti, freshness of Sambarani, attraction of Ponds and Z Talc powder, perfume of old spice shaving kit, rasa karpuram, KFC Chicken, McDonald Burger, old or new book, all that cooked by my Mom and Isha, jasmines and roses, air freshener that changes Smelly Air to Smiley Air and every fragrance associated with my life in home or at work has some special memories and special stories.

Memories of a lifetime
Remains fresh over time
Either old or new
It can be a few
Still good to be heard
Though cherished or ignored
Freshness of a baby
Just born newly
Holding hands
To wet winds,
Jasmines or roses
Or of Isha’s
Smelly to Smiley
A life full of fragrances!

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*This is my 400th post and the next post is going to be really special as a special person has gifted a poem for me.

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An Unknown Relation Became A Special Relation

Beep… Beep… Beep…!

The alarm clock buzzing struck at 6:30 am. Lying in my bed in somnolent I opened one of my eyes, poked on the alarm clock and drown back to sleep again.

After a minute or so …

”Suhani, Are you still in bed? Get up sweetheart, you’re getting late! It’s already 6:35 am and by 7:00 am you’ve to reach to the bus stop. (Said my mother patting continuously on my back.)
I hate to go school Mum. Why they’re timed this early? Let me sleep please!

Don’t talk crazy, today it’s your English test and I don’t want to listen any complain from Miss Radhika. You’ve to score more than Sanjana. You’ll, Am sure. (said Mum to make me realize the stiffness of competition)
I am preparing your breakfast. Come down fast I’m waiting there on the table.

I came out of my room while muttering something to myself and rubbing my hands carelessly in tangled hairs. Every day I stand midst mesmerize to see my grandmother. She is too old. Have wrinkles from everywhere to everywhere, her tied locks of grey hairs,eyes closed and lips engage in enchanting prayer, sitting in a straight posture.The contentment and peace on her face a serenity calms me down and that’s how my day begins.

I touched grandma’s feet and greeted her, Satsriakal Bebbe (”bebbe” in Punjabi we use to give respect to elderly lady)
She blessed me and kissed on my forehead
I walked on wheels and within 15 minutes I was ready for the school.
Bye Bebbe, please do pray for me. Love you!
Hi Sanjana, are you prepared well for the test?
Yes, but I am afraid how would be the questions. Are you?
Yes, I am ready too but not as nervous as you’re

Bebbe says, ”There is a possibility of everything but only when you tend to make it so with true efforts . ”Your efforts determines the part you deserve.”

Hey sweetheart, welcome home! How was your day? Hope you did well in test.
Yes Mum, I did my best and I am not worried how would be the result, Bebbe told me Try the best you can without caring of what would be the result because being true to yourself shall never let you stop or loose Hope. You know the efforts you made were true and will never go in vain”

I hoped Mum would agree to what grandma said but she said nothing!
I’ve made your favorite ‘Rajama Chawal’
Mumma you’re the best ( I said while hugging Mum tightly )
Oops! I forgot to inform you baby, you friend Shreya has invited you on her birthday party today.
Birthday party! Wow!!(I said with enthusiasm)
But have dance classes today and have got much home work to complete (I said in a dismay)
Don’t worry today you’re allowed to skip your dance class and I’ll help you in completing your home work when you’re back.
OK Mum! (Said I with excitement)
Here’s your pink frock, see I’ve got pink color hair band, clips and white belly. Mumma knows well I love fancy. I dressed up like a princess.

Bebbe, Main kive lag ri haan? (How’s I am looking?)
Bohot soni lag ri ve , nazar na lage mera sona puttar! Jaldi aa jaien (you’re looking so beautiful, God bless you!And come back in time)
Haan ji Bebbe (OK Grandma)

We all have a busy life or in better words personal lives that confine all of us within our known boundary, no matter who you are, your fringe is limited at the edge only. I am close to only two members in my family. One is my dear Papa, who usually has trips to different countries because of his profession and so as to earn bread and butter to fulfill all our desires. Whenever he come home without wasting my single minute…

Papa, what you’ve brought for me??
Pencils, colors, chocolates, dolls?
I‘ve got all of them for you puttar ji.

He finds his happiness within mine. Papa is close to my heart not just because he fulfill all my wants but because he is the only one with whom I can share my problems and can get ultimate best solutions.

The second person close to my heart is Grandma. Though I don’t talk to her much or express my love but there is a special place for her in my heart. Where everyone is busy in the world of their own to sort out their problems, I see my grandma in the rarest of rare sitting at a place preaching God in silence.

We don’t tell her about the problems going on so as to not to make her worry yet she perceives the matters clearly. She has great intellect and instinct.

The fast and modern life of today where everyone do race to chase for their crave for materialistic things and a blind race to prove individual’s supreme distresses her where little things have become even littler. Those little things actually belong to peace of mind, satisfaction, kindness and spirituality.

She would ask me to sit beside her and on Sundays we together sing Bhajans (Holy songs)

”रोम रोम में तुम्ही हो हरजी
रोम रोम तुम्हारा है
मैं तो बस एक बुत हूँ हरजी
स्पंदन तुम्हारा है
सभी जीवों के तुम्ही हो सृष्टा
तुम्ही से जीवनधारा है
निर्मल को तुम्ही बल देते
तू सबका पालनहार है’’

I observe each of her activities and words closely. She has a nature to react and correct immediately if one is doing wrong. Every now and then she tells what should be done and how should be done but never impose her decisions on us.

”My whole life had been full of sacrifices and I am satisfied that I followed my heart and instincts.”(said she while sharing her life experiences with the guests who come to our home)

‘Follow your instincts. That’s where true wisdom manifests itself”

It wasn’t she wanted to sing of those moments she is proud of but she believed this would help people of today’s generation to lead their entire life in a better way with comprehension,cognizance and holiness.

They all listen to her, agree, some ponder over but never implement.

Whenever Grandma speaks of her life experiences I sit in a corner and listen her. Though I’m too little to understand her thoughts exactly yet I listen her with keen interest and try best to understand the meanings. I found them inspiring and thoughtful, realized when I was growing up! I got occupied with my higher studies. Already there used to be less of my and Grandma’s conversation but now it had totally ceased.

Grandma’s health was degrading day by day, her speech unclear; she did not speak or eat anything. I was called!
One day when I came into her room to give her tablets, she ignored to have them. I was worried and asked her,
”Ki gal hai Bebbe, please tussi jidd na karo hunn’’ (What happened Grandma? please don’t behave obstinate)
Nai puttar hun mein puri hon ja ri haan (No, my child I am going to die). She realized her end was near.
Meri ek gal yaad rakkhin (Remember my words)

She held me close and said
”The satisfaction of mind cannot be ample by the money but it can be procured with the light of knowledge in heart and mind.”

I found she wasn’t able to open her eyes,unconscious and told her vision was getting blurred.
I shouted my family members for the help but by then we found she wasn’t anymore. There was still the same contentment on her face. I cried within my heart as wanted to spend more time with Grandma but soon her words made me strong

When we get so much of love, we are at the top of the world and get madly blind within its sweetness! But when we realize that there is no one to love, we mourn over it!’’
”It’s only our hunger or eagerness to grab the happiness, the main reason behind our pain and cries… This truth is totally unknown! The one who sows this excitement within is prone to it’s loss.This is all the reality.”

There was an unknown relation between her giving and my receiving. Those strong soulful words said by Grandma associated an unknown relation of wisdom and self realization that became so special unbreakable till the eternity.

Written by Simran of My Friendship, stop by her for meaningful poems

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An Unknown Relation Became A Special Relation – A thoughtful guest post by @KaurSimran7 Read the post here: http://t.co/2tTZ0FINEo @FewMiles

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