Isha ♥ Sid

Listening to the Beethoven piano sonatas on her newly bought iPod shuffle through earphones, Isha lived in her own world – a world for her dead dream of living with someone special. She was clearly upset because of Sid, his newly found life and his lack of interest to spend time with her. And a question constantly pricked her heart: How could someone change so soon? I was a dream angel to him, can you believe, I was?

She was orphaned all of a sudden, like a golden fish out of a fish tank and her heart could not digest that. So she updated her status on Facebook as Isha is feeling confused and tweeted too hoping Sid would read it. Her bad time, neither her Facebook friends liked her status nor her twitter followers retweeted her tweets, not even Sid: she felt dejected.

Sid, unaware of Isha’s feelings for him, lived his newly found life happily. He stopped talking to her and he was least bothered about Isha, not even in his thoughts. He ignored her completely everywhere: Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and on Skype.

Isha was unable to handle Sid’s misery, so she decided to end her pain in a simple way. She called him on his private phone but he did not pick up, so she sent a calendar invite. The invite was simple and clear: Subject as Suicide, Date was scheduled on the same day, Time was mentioned as half past one in the morning, as that was when she first met him in his dreams and the Message was short and crisp. The invite was accepted tentatively by him owing to his busy schedule.

She was afraid of pain, so she neither want to hang herself nor cut her throat, she also hated all other ways of committing suicide. Knowing the fact that buying sleeping pills would require doctor prescription, she bought a bottle of cough syrup so that she could drink in one go and sleep forever. And by one in the morning she was ready for committing suicide; she wore some makeup, her favourite half-saree, costly ornaments and she did all she could do for her, but her desire for living in his dreams failed her courage of committing suicide. She sat confused, so she updated her status on Facebook “Should I die or live?” and confused. This time, likes and comments flowed like a perennial river, wishing her to live long for hundred years and bless the pen of “Someone is Special”. She felt happy! And when she was on seventh heaven, she heard Sid knocking the door outside and shouting her name, so she decided to play a prank on him: to act like she committed suicide. She drank a spoonful of cough syrup and quickly emptied the bottle in the washbasin, wrote a suicide note, though only a half-written poem and slept with the cough syrup bottle in her hand.

Sid, who accepted the suicide invite tentatively thinking Isha is playing prank on him, got scared, as she did not open the door for long, so he broke the door open. On seeing Isha lying on the floor with a bottle in her hand, Sid broke into tears and started shouting I loved you Ish, shaking her body. He read the poem, which he believed to be suicide note:

I am caring for you,
From my heart,
All day and night, and yet
You fail to understand me.

I am thinking of you,
From my heart,
All day and night, and yet
You fail

He was reliving all the sweet memories he cherished with her right from the moments of madness he experienced in their childhood to the dance in the park on a rainy day in a romantic way. But his grief was short lived, as he heard Isha talking in her sleep. He then poured a bucket of cold water on her face and she woke up shivering shouting at him for all he did to her. He simply ignored all her complaints, went close to her, hugged her, kissed on her forehead, whispered those three magical words in her ears and promised that she is always the queen of his dreams!

…and after that incident they fought happily with each other like they did in the past!

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A question constantly pricked Isha's heart, what's that? Read Isha ♥ Sid: @FewMiles #WoW @BlogAdda #CelebrateBlogging

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