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A Software Engineer life is not a happy tale to be printed in words, he or she has to undergo a lot of troubles to sustain in the industry. Here is a cry which I scribbled a few weeks back. (based on the inspiration from my project manager and my second project)

This poem has been published in the September issue of Storizen. Please click on the image below to read.

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#SoftwareEngineer'sCry: a poem published in the September issue of Storizen Magazine. To read follow the link: #Poem

— Someone is Special (@FewMiles) September 30, 2013

Struggle of a 30-year-old bachelor

And before I knew it, I had hit ‘Send’. Was I frustrated too much or lost my patience that day? I really can’t answer.

I had so many reasons to stay in this company: my girlfriend, my teammates, and my supervisor. Still I had to quit…though Outlook had a feature to recall sent emails before reading them I decided the other way.

I phoned my girlfriend on her mobile and informed her about my resignation; she got angry and ended my call without speaking any word. Even my friends were angry as well. My supervisor called me on my phone enquiring the reason, but when I said the reason, he called me an idiot and scolded me badly. Everybody had a reason to blame me, but no one was ready to think from my position. I did not resign because they paid peanuts or because they failed to recognize my talent, but for the sake of my small skinny stomach: food.

How could someone resign a good job for the sake of food? Was that the question in your mind, come and stay with me, you would understand why.

That night I could not sleep at all, I was in tears, as she too did not understand me instead of thinking of ways to stay in touch with me, she texted Let’s breakup. Long distance relationships will not work for me.

Hell it was. Next 30 days were the worst days of my life. I left the city without any regrets, as I learnt the difference between love and time pass; real friends and fake friends; everything I learnt in those days made me a self-made man.

Five years have gone now. I have come back to the same place. Memories evoking again like a silhouette of me. I believe that there should not be any problem now. I know cooking a bit. Also, technology has improved. Options have increased. My colleague introduced me to a site called where I could order foods online from pre-defined list of shops: a simple and an easy way to stay tummy full.

The best part of the site is that they deliver in eleven major cities of India, quality food from different shops, delivered on time and with cash on delivery option. Haven’t tried Try it now, it‘s simple as in the image below and worth the money! Say that you came from Few Miles.

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@FewMiles great read!

— Foodpanda India (@FoodpandaIndia) September 26, 2013

From the pages!

So if you’re standing at Gate-A, you move straight and take the second right and then the first left. You move to the last building, take the lift to the 10th floor. Get down, traverse half the round about, move right and the last door that you see is where I live. Alone. That said, it shouldn’t be assumed that I’m a loner. I hate being perceived as someone I’m not.

Talking about the present, it’s a Sunday and to give you the precision specifics, I’m at one of those moments when one feels like lazing around like a log. Probably thinking something about someone who must be somewhere doing likewise? I have no idea, we haven’t really been in touch after our graduation.

Well, to be honest, it’s only because of my diary (that I once used to write!) that I’m reminiscing about my room mate. The diary which lies on the bed in isolation as I lay relaxed on the bean bag and look out into the sky. It’s gonna rain soon, by the way!

Anyways, if you knew Rohan, you would always want to be around him. Not me, he more often than not, brought sheer embarrassment to me. My batch mates used to find him funny, I felt otherwise. It is easy to like a person when you can make fun of them. I know the behind-the-scenes, I shared a goddamn room with him.

Whoever proposes a girl who doesn’t even know who the guy is. And that too with two movie tickets in hand for a already-thought-of-first-date. Rohan wasn’t even handsome and rich for the dumb girls to fall for him. Very average and stupid most of the times. He used to wear that Green t-shirt and pink shorts in hostel and memorize lines from movies and serials that he’ll speak at the dinner table and make everyone laugh. Ass!

Once he asked me to accompany him to the Spanish classes he had joined. I did, thinking that I’ll taste some Spanish. After the hour long boring class, Rohan introduced me to someone he had met since he had started attending the classes. I realized that these guys were going out everyday. I kind of felt happy and while I was walking back to hostel, I had a different sense of amusement. A week later when this guy Rohan was crying inside the room and refused to tell me the reason I realized that he had broken up with her. Why? She was dating someone else. I felt bad then but soon I realized that Rohan still went every evening with that girl so that she could buy something for her boyfriend’s birthday. I was furious and so pissed off that I would have nearly slapped Rohan when he was telling me stories of how he is in awe of her when she was shopping with him for her new boyfriend.

He would break window panes in hostel, accidentally pour water on my lab files, bath two times a day, ask you to go out of the room because he wants to change!?! In our room he would use my stuff for all he cared. Wash clothes and spread them all over the room, wanted lights off by 11 pm until a day when I aggressively told him, “Enough”. He feared raised voices for a reason I can’t tell you just because it was personal to him and I ain’t that mean!

During exams, he would constantly chatter and not let anyone study. Called me his ‘mentor’, liked pictures of nearly everyone on Facebook, sent stupid game requests, and while everyone asked for seasons of those hit English series (like F.R.I.E.N.D.S), he roamed about asking for cartoons!

He had this fascination of having a tattoo made on his neck and on his arm. He chose an occasion for doing so, our Farewell, wow! He had those ear rings (!?!) which contain magnet clamped on to his ears. He was hugging everyone and clicking photos as I watched from a distance. I looked at him and started walking back to our room. As I unlocked our room and started to pack my bags, I found a letter that he had written for me.

I’ll be honest, that was an emotional letter though the signature at the end of the letter put me off.

Your mentee

Whoever writes that!
I was to leave next morning but I after the letter I learned that I won’t be able to face him again. I was getting emotional. I took out a sticky note and wrote “Take care Rohan”, stuck it on his almirah and left.

That perhaps was the last of the communication I had with him.
I hated him at times, was irritated most of the times, he embarrassed me by putting me in awkward situations, but I kind of still feel for him more than anyone from college.

I know he’s a genuine guy because he found out my new mail id from somewhere and mailed me a couple of times. I never bothered to reply. I felt small.

Anyways, that doesn’t take anything away from the fact that he was stupid and involved me in his stupidity somewhere.

Stupid days and silly memories. The heavens are raining already. Cheers Rohan wherever you are.

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A guest post by @animeshganguly A friendly treat from his pages: Follow the link for a fantastic post #GuestPost

— Someone is Special (@FewMiles) September 15, 2013

Life in #2030

The future of shopping - Runner-up

The Prime Minister of India tweets, in a minute the short summary in white says, PMOUS, PMOUK, EUROGROUPS, CHINA and 20,300,000 RETWEETS and FAVORITES; the reaction they all have in their face is what words cannot define. He smiles as his green mantra works out well for us Indians, “Less tension more work; more invention less work!” His success story started with a simple mission, “Be it rice, wheat, sugar, dairy products or whatever; do not give anything for free to Indians other than FREE EDUCATION: up to any under graduation course and thereafter if anybody wants to pursue post graduation would be paid a decent stipend; if they choose Robotics and Artificial Intelligence as major, would be paid more than what an IT professional working in a MNC earns.

He demolished all the houses and apartments on earth and allotted every single family a spacecraft that houses a variety of things that a human being would desire to have. He made people to work from home only for 6 hours in a day, a perfect way of managing time between work and personal life. People communicated through their sophisticated customized colored Facebook accounts other than the traditional blue colored accounts. A unique email id is provided by Government for each individual to use for all communications, including official ones to save server spaces. He made the citizens of India to live a life which they could not even dream in their past.

His ideology behind shopping is just amazing; in fact, it is fun, fun and more fun! He says all you need on earth is just a touch away, start touching folks.

Apps rule the world! For anything and everything that you want to do, can be done using an app., Say, if you want to buy a dress for a wedding, all you need is to login to a shopping app with the unique id, choose the model, color, size and on confirmation, the app launches a virtual session where you can try the dress to check if it fits you or not, and based on the observation the dress will be altered if needed and, then delivered at your doorstep in less than 30 minutes.

Not just for a dress, one can buy or sell anything using an app. Some of the examples are when you buy a car, the app launches a virtual session to test drive the car and you will be able to verify the originality of each and every part inside it; or to buy a cell phone after a hands on session virtually; groceries can be bought directly from farms maintained by robots as they took the place of humans in fields like agriculture, farming, poultry etc., and human beings concentrated only on exploring technologies further.

With digital wallet, life is just made easy! Usage of electronic money instead of age-old physical money gave the power to people and only by using the one and only unique account provided by Government of India linked to Aadhar card. And for NRI’s and foreigners Government provided a temporary unique card for all transactions and it served as an identity card. Taxes are applicable only for having child and the couples who preferred to not have kids are paid funds.

With Cloud Service integrating the world under one roof, with phones replaced by super computers on microchip that is activated on any glasses, (a successor of Google glasses of yesteryears.) life is just a touch away as all shopping are done based on comparison. An extension, plug-in or an app on a glass will let you compare the prices and to buy the one that suits us the best. Such advancement in technology controlled the climatic changes too. Green house gases are reduced: no signs of Global warming.

With the innovation of engines to generate energy using water, air and sun light, petrol is no longer needed as a fuel, On a sunny day, any device that needs power would use that, and if it is raining then they use water for power and on any air can be used for generating power and this holds good for all. No traffic jams, as everybody used air routes; a separate air lane is allotted for each type of vehicles: for two wheelers, four wheelers, emergency vehicles, aeroplanes and jet. This made shopping more fun and the delivery as fast as possible; such is the perfection of robots and automation: the best.

In short, he created heaven on earth by innovating new technologies! But he says, “All thanks to the father of shopping apps: #eBayCheck a magical app that automatically offers you the best prices on for any products you may be looking for on internet using chrome. All you need to do is add eBay Check, the official Google Chrome extension from eBay India.

* * *

The food is ready, shouts the amber-eyed angel for the eighth time that closed the pink fantasy doors of my imagination and I came back to senses. She laughed at my imagination but when she experienced eBay Check, she was amazed by the magical app and agreed to what I wrote 🙂 Have you experienced the eBay Check magic? If not do right away by clicking the button below and see how it works; let all the luck be with you!

My tweets for #eBayCheck

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Life in #2030: the extreme of shopping. Written for The Future of Shopping organized by @indiblogger #eBayCheck Link:

— Someone is Special (@FewMiles) September 14, 2013

हम गिद्ध कब से हो गए

हम पत्थर ही पूजेंगे

हम पत्थर ही पूजेंगे
उसे देवी बताएँगे 
मंदिरों सजाएंगे
साड़ी गहने चढ़ाएंगे 
और जो हांड मांस की 
साक्षात देवी 
मातृत्व का बहनत्व का 
वरदान देती 
जो जग की जननी 
उसे पूजना तो दूर 
दहेज़ लोभी बन जलाएंगे
पुरषत्व का ढोल पीटेंगे
हाथ उठाएंगे
व्यभिचारी दरिन्दे बन 
उसे नोचेंगे काट खाएंगे
हाँ पर हम उसे 
पत्थरों में जरुर पूजेंगे
उसे देवी बताएंगे

हम गिद्ध कब से हो गए 

अधरों पे मुस्कान हुई 
हम मुस्कानों को नोचेंगे 
दिल पाले अरमां जब भी 
हम अरमानो को रौंदेंगे 
पर उड़ना चाहे जो भी 
उड़ान नहीं होने देंगे 
गिद्ध दृष्टि आबरू पे 
हम गिद्ध कब से हो गए 

जिसका खेल हैं गुड्डा गुड्डीया 
उसको भी नर नोच रहा 
हवस का साया कच्चे मन पे 
न रत्ती भर सोच रहा 
इस पर भी इंसा मैं कहता 
मुझको जी संकोच रहा 
बचपन पंजो में 
हम गिद्ध कब से हो गए 

नयी चिड़िया थी 
उड़ने का अंदाज नया था 
अब की कोयल होना था 
उसका साज नया था 
काले बादलो ने घेरा 
बिजलियाँ बरसाई 
दुनिया देखती रही 
हम गिद्ध कब से हो गए 

तमाशा दुसरों का 
हम देखते हैं रहते 
कोई फब्तियां कसे 
हम देखते हैं रहते 
छेड़खानी करे 
हम देखते हैं रहते 
बेबसी की मूरत नहीं 
एक हिस्सा हम भी गिद्ध हैं 

तमाशा कब तुम्हारा हो जाए 
आग घर लग जाए 
दिन ढलने  में 
दुश्वार हो जाए 
कल की सोचो 
आवाज उठाओ रोको 
अपनी ख़ामोशी 
उसकी जुर्रत न बनो 
तमाशबीन हम गिद्ध से बदत्तर 
आवाज उठाओ रोको 
कल की सोचो 
गिद्ध न बनो 

देवी को खड्ग संभालना ही होगा 

जिसकी आबरू पे 
साडी मखमली चढ़े 
उसकी कराह दुनिया 
सुन भी ले 
चर्चा करे सब कैमरे
कैंडल जले 

जिसको निवाला एक नहीं 
उन पे भी
गिद्धों की दृष्टि नेक नहीं 
न वर्दी सुने 
न कुर्सी सुने 
न सुनता 
कभी हैं कैमरा  

मैं ये नहीं कहता 
जो दिल्ली मुंबई में हुआ 
वो अत्याचार नहीं 
बलात्कार नहीं 
मैं ये पूछता हूँ 
जो गांवों कस्बो घटा 
क्या उनसे हमारा 
कोई सरोकार नहीं 

मखमली साडी को भी 
जब न्याय मुश्किल हुआ 
अब खुद सोचिए
जो चिथड़ो ढकी 
उसका होता हैं क्या 

दरिंदा मामूली रहा 
तो कोई बात भी करो 
गर दरिंदा अमीरी में पला हो 
वर्दी बिकी कुर्सी बिकी 
न्याय सारा बिक गया 
कानून तो वैसे भी अँधा रहा 
वर्दी ने उसे वैश्या बता दिया 

इस पे भी कोई 
फुल्लन हो जाए 
तो हाय तोबा 
बंदूक उठाए 
तो हाय तोबा 

सूती और मखमली में 
भेद न करो 
आबरू सबकी हैं 
फरेब न करो 
आबादी में इंसानियत
कब की गई हैं गुम
गिनतियाँ सब गिनने लगो 
तो शर्म से मर जाओ तुम 

जब चीत्कारों से 
शहर गूंजे गूंजे बस्तियां 
गूंजे गाँव घर 
इस पर भी 
खुद को आदमी कहते मगर 

जब इन्साफ का तराजू 
कुछ तोलेगा नहीं 
समाज मेरा मूक 
कुछ बोलेगा नहीं 
फिर तो देवी को खड्ग
संभालना ही होगा 
महिषासुर मारना ही होगा 

: शशिप्रकाश सैनी 

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Made for each other ♥

In a corner of the party hall stood a beautiful blue-eyed angel with a cup of orange juice in her hand. She wore a snow-white splendid sheath party dress that ran from the bottom of the toes to the top of her chest and it perfectly hugged her figure following her curves to elegance, as if it had been made for her. The one-shoulder strap bodice adorned with subtle floral embellishments on the edge and the skirt part, the echoing floral embellishments had drowned from the left side waistline in front and become more to the sweep train. A small heart-shaped pendant hanged from a thin necklace around her neck, tiny heart-shaped earrings dangling on her ears, a round nose ring with embedded stones and a round designer headpiece studded with heart shaped stones hanged from the middle of her head complimented her radiant face gleaming in the party light. Her black hair hung perfectly, its choppy layers framed her face and indeed, she was truly a work of beauty! All eyes were fixed on her waiting for an opportunity to taste her.

To the people around her, she was a just blue-eyed beauty, or maybe a dream girl they wish to marry, but to her little heart, she was more than that. Actually a queen of her own world who could make any one mad with her nonstop nonsense and could burn anyone with her anger, though her heart was clear as a crystal and thoughts were noble as dove. In fact, she was a sweet candy to all who knew her closely.

With each passing minute she became restless, her gaze ran through the place for the seventh time searching for her man, but in vain. She walked to the bartender to fill her glass again and on the way back, she stumbled over the edge of the carpet. A six-foot handsome hunk helped her, smiled and asked if she was okay. She neither did return the smile nor responded to him. She moved away angrily as it was his mistake to make her wait. It was in her basic nature; she neither waited for someone nor made someone to wait. He apologized to her blaming that his jeep’s engine was faulty, so he has to walk all the way to the party hall. Still she was not convinced.

Being married to her for the past two years, he exactly knew what to do to make her happy. So he took a rose from his coat, went down in one knee, and recited a poem for her.

All my life I dreamt of a love,
That does not need any dove,
Still deep and soulful, I knew
It could be only you!

I think of you all day and night,
Even if we break up after the fight,
And whenever I feel bad and down,
You make me laugh and stay around!

Under the cloud and o’er the earth,
I searched for someone from my birth,
Who loves me till eternity with all heart?
And that’s you my sweetest sweetheart!

She blushed! He got up and hugged her tight. And they kissed each other happily!

It was no surprise that why he had won her heart among all the thousands who wanted to fall in love.

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PS: After winning a couple of school level painting competitions and getting featured on Young World, I lost the interest in painting due to some unavoidable reasons. Today, I am glad I could sketch one after almost twelve years. Hope my dream girl is looking good. The sketch is inspired by an image found on Google Images 🙂

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With each passing minute she became restless,her gaze searched for her man, in vain.Did he come? Read #TheCharacter
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