Life is a mix of both: Sweet and Sour!

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Dreams crushed. Self-confidence lost. Do we have a life now? Or was it just a crushed dream? I wonder.

Wires and tubes are running all around my body. Huge bandage is wrapped on my head and I cannot see anything clearly. Is this what people call as ICU? Definitely, this is a new place to me and for her. She is afraid of injections itself; I have no idea on how she is going to handle this life’s misery.

Is it our mistake to board that last bus to my place? Or is it my mistake for being unable to protect her? Or is it God’s mistake to create humans unable to withstand animal attacks? Whom to ask, God? I doubt if God still exists?

Heart rate increases. Alarm beeps. A team of five nurse rushes in and an injection (Morphine) is given. I doze off; slowly and painfully. The horrific memories of that ill-fated day occupied my mind: the day when our dreams were shattered into pieces and life became nothing.

Whom to blame? Boarding that last bus? Deciding to go to my place at that time of the night? Calling my parents on our land phone getting permission to bring her home? Taking her out for a movie? Visiting her place speaking with her parents and getting their acceptance for our relationship? Coming to Mumbai in search of her? Deciding to breakup for the sake of our parents’? Or falling in love with that stupid idiotic cute little devil?

I do not have an answer for this; but of this, I am sure: they are not human beings, not even animals’ as animals would not hunt that way; they are something which words cannot describe. They shattered our dreams. Had I known this I would not have boarded that bus, tinted windows and curtains and those 8 bastards who would even f*** their M***** if their loins are heated up.
Alarm beeps again. The team rushes in again and injects another dose to keep my heart rate under control. I calm down.

They laid a trap for us. The bus occupants had everything planned. Apart from the driver and the conductor, others behaved like they were passengers. We even paid Rs 50 as fare. They then started teasing her and it led to a brawl. I beat them up but then they brought an iron rod and hit on my head first, face second, then on knees. I fell down in pain and they took her away. From where we boarded the bus, they moved around for nearly one hour and 17 minutes. She even fought with them, but those animals hit on her head with the iron rod. She passed out. And those M***** F****** raped her; brutally and repeatedly.

They snatched our mobiles and tore off our clothes in order to destroy any evidence of the crime. And after throwing us off the bus, they tried to run the bus over us but I pulled her away in the nick of time. No one came forward to help us for about 30 minutes, finally a police man helped us; he took us to the hospital in his own jeep instead of waiting for the ambulance.

What happened to her? Is she alive? Alarm beeps again. This time my heartbeat raced like a tsunami. And I…

…after three days: conscious and okay, for the first time, I felt ashamed for being born as an Indian; cut me into pieces or set me on fire for saying that, but I meant what I said. I felt ashamed for being unable to protect her and for so many wonderful human beings, who ran away from us fearing that they may become an eyewitness for the case if they help us instead of lending a helping hand.

I asked a nurse about her condition. She first resisted, but then said that she has undergone a major surgery to remove her gangrenous intestines and she is unlikely to recover. I do not have a big heart to hear what she said, so I requested her to keep me sedated until she recovers.

…after seven days: I woke me up hearing that she is recovering well. She has undergone another major surgery and a bionic intestine is now stitched. I hurried to her bed in a wheelchair and whispered her name. She opened her eyes, I held her hand and said, be my life forever.

…after seven years: we are married, living happily with our kids now. Maybe, life cannot be only sweet and not definitely be sour; life is a mix of both: Sweet and Sour love story.

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Dreams crushed. Self-confidence too. Do we have a life? Or is it a crushed dream? Stop by: #WriteFestival #Blogaton41
— Someone is Special (@FewMiles) September 1, 2013

0 Replies to “Life is a mix of both: Sweet and Sour!”

  1. I know what story you have referenced to. In fact anyone would. How I wish the sweet part had gotten true for the real story as well. I would say I got slightly disturbed reading it and perhaps thats the reason why I would also say you have written it perfectly…


  2. This was one memory like a sieve… I just wish it would have never been inspired from a true horrific incidence… Well you have written it very nicely… All the best SIS 🙂

  3. I just wished that the real story too had ended in a perfect sweet ending. Nice one SIS… I couldn't participate in the last two editions of BAT, but the next one I'll surely be writing 🙂

  4. Close to three years of active blogging, six years of blogging in total and almost for the past three years, I have visited BlogAdda every week hoping someday I can make it to Tangy Tuesday picks and finally it has happened today. Thanks Team. Feeling happy! 😀

  5. Close to three years of active blogging, six years of blogging in total and almost for the past three years, I have visited BlogAdda every week hoping someday I can make it to Tangy Tuesday picks and finally it has happened today. Thanks Team. Feeling happy! 😀

  6. hmm… heart rending and of course I know where this one originated from. But told in a very good way. I just wish the original one had an ending the way your story outlined. Alas!!!

    Couldn't have put it better myself. Couple of spelling and grammatical mistakes… "Lions" instead of "Loins"… Should be "was" instead of "is" in the first para etc.

    Read mine at Aashish – Sweet and Sour!!!

  7. A very well plotted and well narrated story. You justified the theme at the last with happy ending… fantastic 🙂
    Happy to see F.M flooded again with the readers…Cheers!
    Best wishes …

  8. आपने कुछ यूँ लिखा हैं
    नाशो में खून का बहाव तेज हो गया
    आँखों में फिर वही आग थी
    की सामने पड़ जाए दरिन्दे
    तो देखने भर से जला दू

    पर काश की किस्मत भी कलम की सुनती
    तो अंत असलियत में भी सुखद होता

  9. I wish we have such happy endings in real life. Touched beyond words. The narration kept me hooked and I felt as if I was reading the first account of the man accompanying Delhi rape victim.

    Hats Off!

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