Struggle of a 30-year-old bachelor

And before I knew it, I had hit ‘Send’. Was I frustrated too much or lost my patience that day? I really can’t answer.

I had so many reasons to stay in this company: my girlfriend, my teammates, and my supervisor. Still I had to quit…though Outlook had a feature to recall sent emails before reading them I decided the other way.

I phoned my girlfriend on her mobile and informed her about my resignation; she got angry and ended my call without speaking any word. Even my friends were angry as well. My supervisor called me on my phone enquiring the reason, but when I said the reason, he called me an idiot and scolded me badly. Everybody had a reason to blame me, but no one was ready to think from my position. I did not resign because they paid peanuts or because they failed to recognize my talent, but for the sake of my small skinny stomach: food.

How could someone resign a good job for the sake of food? Was that the question in your mind, come and stay with me, you would understand why.

That night I could not sleep at all, I was in tears, as she too did not understand me instead of thinking of ways to stay in touch with me, she texted Let’s breakup. Long distance relationships will not work for me.

Hell it was. Next 30 days were the worst days of my life. I left the city without any regrets, as I learnt the difference between love and time pass; real friends and fake friends; everything I learnt in those days made me a self-made man.

Five years have gone now. I have come back to the same place. Memories evoking again like a silhouette of me. I believe that there should not be any problem now. I know cooking a bit. Also, technology has improved. Options have increased. My colleague introduced me to a site called where I could order foods online from pre-defined list of shops: a simple and an easy way to stay tummy full.

The best part of the site is that they deliver in eleven major cities of India, quality food from different shops, delivered on time and with cash on delivery option. Haven’t tried Try it now, it‘s simple as in the image below and worth the money! Say that you came from Few Miles.

PS: This is a sponsored post. However, it is a reflection of a story shared by my friend Karthik when asked why did he quit the company. Do leave your precious footprints! You are welcome to promote this post on IndiBlogger, Like & Share on Facebook, Plus & Share on Google or Retweet on Twitter.

@FewMiles great read!

— Foodpanda India (@FoodpandaIndia) September 26, 2013

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  1. The best part of the post was when he realize the differences between love and time pass, true friends and fake friends… Hmm.. that's all the ultimate!
    I realized it long back…!
    Thanks for introducing ''Food panda''
    It will help to many ….because where there is delicious food, there is a happy and satisfied soul. No?

    Nice changes …. 🙂

  2. Hey SIS.. Even though you wrote this for advertisement, i expect it had a deep story line. Atleast not a sad story to promote a product!!!! from critic ^^~ But as a friend, you are doing good still expecting more from you. Keep going ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  3. Dear Critic, This post is a reflection of a story shared by my friend when asked why did he quit the company. And glad this was appreciated by Foodpanda as well. Please see the embedded tweet. Thank you.

    Dear Friend, It would be great if you could read my other posts as well. Life is #2030 and many more are waiting for you 🙂

    It would be so kind if you could reveal your mask 😛

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