Few Miles turns 4 today!!!

And we celebrating the 4th Blogoversary of Few Miles!!

Sweet Wishes from Little One!!! Thank you for making it so special!!

Wishes from Valli!! Thank you 🙂 🙂

Wishes from Sonali 🙂 🙂

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PS: It took so many hours to edit, align and link 60 images. Please take sixty seconds to wish Few Miles and to visit IAMSARAV.COM. Thank you. Have a nice day!

0 Replies to “Few Miles turns 4 today!!!”

  1. Happy Birthday to you Dear Few Miles! You turned 4 today…Congratulations! 🙂

    Excellent! Marvelous! Creative! Wonderful! Wow!!
    Enjoyed a lot reading the throughout journey of Few Miles..it's success, ups and downs, achievements. You made it very well with excellence as always 🙂
    I never knew this place would be so special and dear to me….as I started reading it , gradually it made a soft corner in my heart… kind of attachment not because of its Awesome posts but also I found a true friend. 🙂 🙂
    Sid, Isha, Vidhya di and you together make this place alive with your love 🙂
    A blog named 'Room for Romance' was it your blog? I think it was urs… I read a poem there and still remember the feeling I felt after reading it. Then , I read a story, don't remember its title but the story was like… Isha's mom wanted her to marry a guy she did not love and Isha's lover Sid had poison ..also he writes a letter before dying.
    'moments of madness' the cutest post I ever read!
    Cute tunes of nature <3
    and many more …. I love all of them
    Glad to be the part of this beautiful blissful journey where at each step there is to learn something new, Love is showcased differently with different phases, capture strong emotions, beauty of relations, awareness…
    With your creativity and passion may the Few Miles grow each day, reveal new stories of success 🙂
    My best wishes are always there….

  2. what a creative way to celebrate you anniversary…that is awesome…handwritten and doodles….all very cool…it is a journey and one i am glad to have made your acquaintence on as well….my wish for you is to keep living in the words….and enjoy…smiles.

  3. Little one,

    So many adjectives used here. I doubt if I deserve it? I am happy to have you throughout the journey – ups and downs, small and long breaks, and challenges.

    Yes, Room for Romance is my blog and it is no more. I have deleted that blog due to the lack of response. But I am glad it helped you to discover Few Miles. Do you remember that story? I am happy! Sid and Isha will rule Few Miles forever . And I am sure they will create magic here.

    Thanks for everything that you did for Few Miles. Happy Man!

  4. wow an awesome 4 years. Seems like yesterday doesn't it? Mine was at the start of Oct. How are you??? I was reading through some old posts and thought I'd see how you were
    Best to you SIS

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