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Life has changed so much – from fun-filled Friday nights to working like a donkey on a major incident; from small chitchats to handling customers on escalation calls – software industry has taken its toll on me definitely. The time is half past two in the morning and I am still in office. I have to go now, as Mom would be awake waiting for me worriedly. And I start from office. Driving early in the morning is awesome particularly if the climate is good, and as always Bangalore treats you better. Fifteen minutes, and I am there in my home. Silently I open the door hoping Mom will be sleeping, but shockingly she is lying on the floor – breathless. I rush to her only to find that she is unconscious. I shout like a banshee for help…knowing everyone is sleeping peacefully. Suddenly a ray of hope dawns inside my head, I know that St. Johns Hospital is just 500 meters away from home and if I run fast, I can reach in less than five minutes, so I lift Mom in my hands and starts running to the hospital.

The receptionist sees me from long, so she rushes with the stretcher and helps me to get my Mom on the stretcher. A team of doctors and nurses takes her inside Emergency Care Unit. I sit outside. My heartbeat races fast. I miss Dad. If he is alive, this may not have happened. He is…a doctor comes out of the ICU and says that Mom is out of danger, but she is put into observation for 24 hours and needs to undergo a minor surgery, as this is the first cardiac arrest. My heart stops. I look confused. He enquires about Dad and after knowing that he is no more, he pats on my shoulder and asks me to be strong. He conveys that the delay in bringing Mom to hospital made the situation worse indirectly and leaves the place.

Teardrops escape from my eyes in pain. I hit my head against the wall. I should have brought her to hospital in time, but I am helpless, as my job is like that. Also, how can I say to doctor that we have no one in Bangalore? It is just Mom and me. However, I wish she had Smart Suraksha with her. As the saying goes, “A stitch in time saves nine.” Smart Suraksha would have alerted me in time. In tears, I sit there offering prayer to God – hope.

Twenty-four hours have gone by. Mom has undergone a minor surgery and is feeling better. Now, I believe in another twenty-four hours she should be moved to normal ward. I bought her a new android phone, installed Smart Suraksha app and configured as advised. I am sure it will help in all emergencies, though I hope there will not be any such worse situations in future. Stay secured!

PS: This post is a work of fiction reflecting on a real life incident that happened in my friend’s life, as an initiative to spread awareness of Smart Suraksha App for android phones. The app’s tagline is ‘Cry for Help – A single touch button that alerts…’ The app is primarily created for women’s safety, which can track your whereabouts and at a single touch will text to the pre-listed five contacts simultaneously and also the police. It comes with an additional feature to give details of the would-be offender, and allows you to record info like model of the car or clothes he is wearing, in your text, provided if you are in such a situation. Use this app as a weapon that can prevent you from becoming an unfortunate victim. Stay safe with Smart Suraksha.

My thoughts on the app: I strongly believe that this app can be used in all emergencies to alert your loved ones. I recommend the developer DARK MATTER INDIA to include a feature to activate the app over voice say HELP ME GOD or any short but meaningful phrase and categorize emergencies under RAPE, ACCIDENT, or any. Based on the keywords said, the app can inform whereabouts to control room, ambulance, etc. My sincere request to the readers is to send this app download link to your loved ones. Stay safe. Stay smiling.

I am participating in the Seeking Smart Suraksha contest at in association with Smart Suraksha App. Want to be a part of this awareness program? Simply spread the world. Like & Share on Facebook, Plus & Share on Google+ or Retweet on Twitter.. Do leave your footprints! Thanks in advance!

I wish she had Smart Suraksha with her. Stay safe with Smart Suraksha. Spread Awareness. Follow the link:

— Someone is Special (@FewMiles) October 12, 2013

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  1. With the help of Smart Suraksha everyone can smile and be safe… 🙂
    Glad your friend's Mom is fine now.
    That's really a good idea you suggested, Sarav!
    Thanks for writing and making all of us aware …by this only I got to know about Smart Suraksha 🙂

    Best Wishes!

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