Rockstar – IX

Chapter: The End

Sahana left the college, as she hated Rahul for all that happened. Rahul went inside a nutshell. He stopped playing guitar and singing, concentrated on his studies. Five years have gone by since he took over the family business and now he ended up in nothing. He lost everything in life. He went to his favourite bar to drink, on the way back to his home, he saw the park where he spent most of his life, and so he went inside the park and sat on the same bench he used to sit in his college days. He looked all over the park, “Memories!” He said to himself, slipped into it and slept there on the bench.

Somebody patted on his back and asked, “Hello Rahul. Are you okay?

He opened his eyes slightly, turned back and saw a dimmed image. He cleared his view, “Sahana…” he exclaimed.

Sahana said that she read Ramya’s diary and she could not digest her suicide. Later she realized that Rahul was not the sole reason for her suicide, and she also heard about Rahul through his personal assistant and came down to Chennai to meet him. They spoke for hours.

Are you married?” Rahul asked after an hour’s talk.

I am still waiting for my Rockstar to come back in my life.” She said.

Rahul scratched his beard and said, “I hate this unclean stubble. I should shave soon.”


Rahul gave up his family business. He joined his band again and became a Rockstar! Rahul and Sahana married happily.

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Boyfriend or Uncle – The Trouble

Slowly Ritesh’s tummy grew as much as his beard and sorrows grew. His girlfriend Sahana was irritated because of this, so she called him on his phone and urged him to join her in the park. He knew that she called him to join her for jogging. So he prepared himself for the jog. He wore a green-colored kurta, tucked into ash-colored pant and in his newly bought Reebok shoe, he was hoping to sweep her off the feet at first sight and left to park.

Hello dear. I am planning to join you daily.” He said smiling.

Good for you and your tummy.” She said.

By the way, you look very beautiful today.” He tried to change the conversation. She smiled. And the conversation went into different roots.

Suddenly she heard a voice from behind, “Sister, time please!” She turned back, looked at him and said, “Sorry little brother. I don’t have a watch.

Ritesh jumped into the conversation and said, “Time is half-past-seven.

The little boy said, “Thank you Uncle. Bye Sister” and he continued jogging.

Uncle, his face became dull. His confidence shattered. He sat in a chair put in the park. Sahana sat next to him, “How many times I have to tell you that you look aged?

Tears accumulated in his eyes. He was just twenty-two, single and a great fan of Hrithik Roshan. She sat silent for a minute, and then she added, “You look old, very old, and just like an uncle. You know what I hate that unclean stubble and your big tummy. Get rid of it soon, or else we have to break-up. I do not want to live my life with an uncle.” She said and left the park angrily.

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The Dancer

Rajiv with his friends went to dance club to celebrate his birthday. Just like every other Saturday night, he returned home with a long face, tired and lost, while his friends had good time. This time being his birthday, he thought things would change, and he would find a girl to dance with, but it just did not happen. His friends called him a loser. And he felt the same.

Mom, am I looking good? He asked, almost crying.

You are a dashing star, but” She paused, looked away from him and then, she added, “I hate that unclean stubble of yours. It doesn’t suit you.

Mom, I like this beard look. He looked into her eyes, observed her Mom’s unsaid words, and changed his mind. His razor did the job in fifteen minutes.

And that Saturday night, he went with his friends again to the same dance club. He covered his face with a long hat, waited for the clock to hit twelve. He whistled, jumped inside the crowd and performed moonwalk.

Everybody clapped. He threw his hat down, and danced to the beats DJ played. The clapping sound increased. A few girls came and danced along with him. His friends stood jaw-dropped. One of his friend said, “What a talent he is” and the rest added a couple of words to complete the sentence, “Man, what a talent. His clean shaven look cleaned bowled girls over.

He became popular that night. And from that night, people spotted Rajiv clean-shaved, which boosted his confidence and his talent got him the limelight he deserved.

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Chinks Lounge

Rockstar – VIII

Chapter: Kahani me twist

I am too tired to drive. Shall we start in the morning, maybe by ten or eleven?” Rahul asked Ramya and Sahana. Ramya whispered in Sahana’s ears. Sahana whispered back and laughed.

What? Why both of you are laughing?

They both laughed again. “We are devising a methodology to rape you. Please wait.” Ramya whispered again into Sahana’s ears.

I believe his clean shaven look bowled me over. Or maybe his singing or his looks or his…” Ramya giggled. Then she said, “I am in love with you Rahul!

But I am in love with this silent killer…her character, patience, eyes, voice and everything that makes her the girl she is. I love you so much Sahana!” Rahul went down on one knee. Sahana was surprised because even she thought that he would fall for Ramya – the peacock eyed beauty – the heart-breaking machine.

Stop kidding Rahul.” Ramya burst out in frustration.

I am serious Ramya. I am in love with Sahana.” Rahul said.

Be serious Rahul.” Ramya had tears in her eyes.

Ramya, I always saw you as my close friend. I never crossed that limit. But the love I developed with Sahana is…” Before Rahul could complete, Ramya jumped out the window of the room.

Rahul and Sahana rushed to the lift, only to find that it was not working. They ran down the stairs from the seventh floor to the reception, and then out of the hotel, only to see Ramya lying unconscious bleeding to death. Rahul carried her in hands to nearby hospital. She was admitted in ICU in critical condition.

Twenty hours later, doctors confirmed that Ramya is no more. Rahul and Sahana informed Ramya’s parents about her death. They broke down. Rahul drove Sahana and Ramya’s corpse to Chennai, where her funeral took place.

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Rockstar – VII

Chapter: Concert

By the time, they reached the hotel, Ramya and Sahana was in deep sleep. Rahul tried to wake them up and half succeeded, as Sahana woke up. With the help of her, he moved the luggage to room and he himself lifted Ramya in his arms, and helped her to room.

Thank you Sweetheart,” Ramya murmured in half sleep, cutting her short, and Sahana said, “We will come to the concert. Go and get some sleep.” Her voice clearly conveyed her angriness.

Rahul joined his team in the stadium, slept for a couple of hours, and then he started playing his guitar. He sounded so divine and the team practised all day.

Hey what’s that on your face?” Rahul asked one of his teammates Samar.

Five O’clock Shadow dude…it’s rocking no?” Samar asked excited.

Dude, I hate that unclean stubble. Go get rid of it before the show.” Rahul yelled at Samar and his face became small. He had no choice as his teammates gave him two choices – either clean-shave or leave.

All set to rock the evening.” Rahul said. His teammates clapped. Sahana and Ramya joined them as well.

Hey hero good luck!” Ramya said hugging him tight.

Sahana stretched her hands and said, “I know you will rock!” He hugged her tight. She moved out of his hold smiling.

The show started at around seven in the evening and as expected they rocked!

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Indian General Elections 2014

Christmas break was a much-needed one, especially for people working in foreign countries, as it helps to connect with family and friends back in home country. I was glad that I could get a breather in the name of year-end break. And that was when this write-up was born – chitchat with one of my close friends on Skype.

“Hello Akhil!” I was fully excited.

“Hello Sid! How are you and your family?”

“Isha and I are doing great.” Isha peeped into the mobile screen and greeted him and his family. He and his wife greeted her back.

“How are you, your wife and your precious angel?” I asked hurriedly, as if the whole world was going to end the next moment.

“All are doing great. I am having much fun, as my precious angel is three months old now. I am enjoying it dude.” The excitement of fathering an angel was clearly seen in his eyes.

“Great to hear that Akhil, I am sure you will have more fun in the coming days.”

“What’s the matter hero? Nowadays, I am reading more posts on being a great daddy. Do you have any good news?” He said, as if he wants me to join his club. I personally like, too.

“No dude. I am just writing whatever that strikes my mind.” I said looking into his eyes. He giggled.

“450 posts…out of that, ten would be useful for the society, rest all are just love stories. You kill the hero, the heroine, or both and sometimes, a different story altogether. Either you win a voucher from FlipKart, eBay or Book My Show or at times, you win some goodies. I still await your post on politics. Get out the real writer hiding in you – the raw writer, whom I first read in his Tamil Political Blog.” He inspired me always. In fact, it was his idea to write a Tamil political blog, which I eventually deleted because of dozen reasons.

“I wish Akhil. I wish to write such posts again. But what is the use? Do you think I can reach people?” I urged.

“Can’t we inspire and mobilize India’s youth to vote in the Indian General Elections 2014?” He demanded an answer.

“I have had enough. And you know that dude. I believe it is better not to write in that area again.” I whispered. His cute angel started crying, so his wife went inside the bedroom. After that, I added, “But we can inspire and mobilize India’s youth to vote using social media, especially the apps.”

“But without spamming…” He added, I acknowledged with a simple smile.

“We can use social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Blogger for reaching maximum people and WeChat, Whatsapp, Blackberry Messenger, Viber, Skype for contacting people.” I said.

He said putting his tongue out, “Two decades back, we just had BSNL Land phones.”

“I agree dude. That’s the power of the social media and social mobile apps.” I said.

“Okay. Let’s create a group, a list and a board called ‘General Elections 2014’ and target the youth crowd in our city and state. Let’s create awareness first.”

“Good…then we can connect using WeChat or Whatsapp using their details. Am I right?” He asked, as if he wants to create a group right away.

“No. First, we have to reach our college mates for help. We need to form a team. Then, we can target the crowd, teaching them the importance of voting in General Elections 2014. Then based on their interest, we can collect the contact details and connect.

We can set targets.

  • First is to get a voter id for each individual.
  • If they have a voter id already, check if their name is listed in Electoral rolls.
  • If listed in the Electoral rolls, then verify the details.
  • If not, enroll to become a voter.
  • Why should one vote in General Elections 2014?
  • Election Commission of India Updates and Reminders

If we can achieve these targets before the end of Feb’14, I am sure that we can see a positive change.”

“That should be cool. I have a doubt: Shall we use a Hashtag?” Akhil asked, curiously. I nodded my head, and he said, “#VoteForIndia

“Then we can use Twitter and Facebook alone to spread the awareness. What is the use of WeChat, Whatsapp or Blackberry Messenger? I mean the social mobile apps.” He gave a smile.

According to a recent survey, 867,800,000 people out of 1,220,800,359, use mobile phones in India, which is approximately 70%. That is why we need mobile apps, which gives the power of connecting people in India. Be it WeChat, Whatsapp, Blackberry Messenger or whatever; use it to the fullest to connect with people. Because we lose when we fail to cannot with people effectively. Moreover, we need to use these apps wisely to connect and address concerns.” I stared for a minute and then added, “We need to create Expert Groups. Say, one expert group to clarify any queries that comes in case of registering a voter id, one expert group to help in listing in Electoral rolls, one to address general concerns, one to send updates of Election Commission of India, one to send reminders. Likewise, we can create a decent number of expert groups with corresponding QR code.” I said in a confident tone.

“Do you think we both can handle all these groups?” He gave a puzzled look.

“We can’t. We two have to reach twenty of our friends and form expert groups, twenty expert groups to two hundred, and to two million.” I said.

“Okay. But…but…we can reach our state. How can we reach the entire nation?”

“Let us reach our state first. I have friends: Arvind Passey, Ekta, Leo, Cifar and many are there, who can help us to inspire and mobilize the whole of India to vote in General Elections 2014.”

“Good. But which party are we supporting, Congress, BJP or AAP?”

What is the need to support a party? Let’s not influence people who trust us. Let’s inspire and spread the awareness of voting and the power it gives to the individual.” I said confidently.

“That’s awesome Sid! Anyway, let me create a group on Facebook, list on Twitter and Pin Board on Pinterest and let you know the links.”

“I will take care of mobilizing using WeChat, Whatsapp, and Blackberry Messenger to our friends.” I said, smiling.

“Great! I hope for a positive change.” He said.

“Our dream is to make all the people of India to Vote in General Elections 2014.” We said in unison.

“Let’s inspire and mobilize all of India and make them Proud to be a Voter! Jai Ho!” I said loudly, as if the entire nation could hear me. I was glad that I spoke to him on Skype.

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Let’s inspire and mobilize all the people of India and make them Proud to be a Voter! Jai Ho! #VoteForIndia @indiblogger @WeChatApp

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