#449 – Stubble Trouble – Group Discussion

Sid introduced himself before addressing the rookies. He wrote the agenda of the day on the board, then looked at the rookies, and asked them to divide into a batch of six people for group discussion activity. Confusion prevailed, so he divided the groups and allocated each group a topic and supervisors.

Stubble Trouble – let’s start the discussion – one person at a time.” Sid said.

Good morning! I am Arphita. We live in a society, where a man’s moustache shows manliness. But I hate that unclean stubble and moustache. I feel men look better without it.

Hello. This is Sahana. I second Arphita.

Sarav here…I feel moustache is the mirror of heart. Stubble makes a man genius.

I, Ram, second Sarav.

I am Vidhya. I oppose what Sarav said. Stubble free face shines amongst others. It shows that they are clean inside.

I second Vidhya. Look at me. I look cool in my clean-shaven look. By the way, I am Remo.” Arphita and Vidhya giggled. Sid warned them.

Consider Buddha, his preaching, his posture, his look…his clean face reflects his clean heart.” Vidhya said waving her hands. Arphita acknowledged, “I strongly agree.” Remo, too, acknowledged with his smile.

The discussion heated up as Sarav, Vidhya, Arphita and Ram fought with words. Sid interfered, “Time up. Sarav summarize.

The topic is Stubble Trouble. Arphita, Sahana, Vidhya, and Remo spoke in favour of the topic. They supported it well with awesome statistics. Ram and I spoke against the topic, and after a couple of intense arguments, Ram changed his view and I became the lonely warrior. Overall, this was a healthy discussion, and I understand, that, we live in a century, where a clean-shaven man wins hands down.

Everybody clapped. Sid picked Sarav and Vidhya as winners and awarded them pen set.

Protest Against Unclean Stubble Activity in association with BlogAdda.

Word Count: 300

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