A Friend for Life!

There is this beautiful saying in Tamil, “உன் நண்பன் யார் என்று சொல். நீ யாரென்று சொல்கிறேன்.” Literal translation in English is, “Tell me who your friend is. I‘ll tell you who you are!” That I second. I was lucky enough to find a pearl in my life, while chatting anonymously on a chatting website.

[TheRock_ -> Queen of Hearts]: “Heya!”
[Queen of Hearts -> TheRock_]: “Hello!”
[TheRock_ -> Queen of Hearts]: How was your day?
[Queen of Hearts -> TheRock_]: Good. Where are you from?
[TheRock_ -> Queen of Hearts]: I am from India. Currently, I am living in London.What about you?
[Queen of Hearts -> TheRock_]: Wow! London. I am from India.

Her chat tone changed. In less than ten minutes, she became comfortable in chatting with me. And she added me on gTalk.

Sahana: Hellow
me: Thanks for the add.
Sahana: I am glad to find a good person. What’s the time now?
me: The time is quarter past one in the morning. I guess it is half past five in India.
Sahana: Yesh!

The chat continued until mid-day. I was glad to find someone with whom I could chat for hours. She was happy, as she found a good friend. 😛 Life suddenly started to blossom like a sunflower. We chatted almost all day. Sooner, we became thick friends. We trusted each other blindly and shared all secrets between us.

We were everywhere – gTalk, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and Skype. We chatted on gTalk during the daytime, or at times on Facebook, posted (spammed) on each other wall, Retweeted or mentioned the other, and when the fingers needed a break, we talked on Skype, and played guessing game on Whatsapp before going to sleep; a game that could be played only by Sid and Sahana. She sent random words to me to guess what made her type that. Or a synonym to her word, not exactly though.

Sid: This is just an imagination. I am feeling like you are here, sitting next to me. Okay?
Sahana: Weird imagination, okay.
Sid: You need to feel this or else this will be just texts.
Sahana: Ohw
Sid: Hmmm
Sahana: Hah!
Sid: Hmmm
Sid: Pink?
Sahana: Pink for?
Sid: That’s the game
Sid: For?
Sahana: I am asking you
Sahana: You said pink
Sid: I’ll say a word. You have to reply the first word that strikes on your mind after reading it.
Sahana: Ohw start
Sahana: Okay I will start.
Sahana: Butterflies
Sid: Hope
Sahana: Train
Sid: Journey
Sahana: You are slow
Sid: Yes
Sahana: Wait
Sid: Okay
Sahana: First, you ask
Sid: Okay
Sahana: Then when you end, I’ll ask
Sid: Okay
Sid: Rain
Sahana: Drops
Sid: Sweet
Sahana: Nothings
Sid: Night
Sahana: Wondrous
Sid: Earth
Sahana: Shadow
Sid: Maa
Sahana: Mumzee
Sid: Books
Sahana: First love
Sid: Love
Sahana: Illusion
Sid: Ha-ha life?
Sahana: Inexplicable!
Sid: Sid
Sahana: Pshyco
Sahana: 😛
Sid: I expected
Sahana: Ha-ha
Sahana: My turn?
Sid: Okay, Queen of Hearts!
Sahana: Drama
Sid: Dreams
Sahana: Wild
Sid: Tiger
Sahana: Coffee
Sid: Love
Sahana: Blank
Sid: You
Sahana: Hopeless
Sid: I
Sahana: Toing toing
Sid: Below mellow hellow
Sahana: Yellow fellow
Sahana: Below
Sahana: Shallow
Sid: I’m wearing yellow
Sahana: Dirty fellow
Sahana: Yellow
Sahana: Pink
Sid: Blush
Sahana: Surrender
Sid: In love
Sahana: Maybelline
Sid: Yes
Sahana: In love?
Sid: With ma dream girl

We eventually became close friends for life and, lived together in virtual world. On a Thursday afternoon, I was working from home, she came online on gTalk after a weeklong preparation for her exams.

Sahana: Hellow Yellow!
me: Online? Have you done with your preparation for exams?
Sahana: Nope. I was bored at home. I am alone.
me: Okay
Sahana: Let’s do something weird 😀
me: I am ready. Tell me.
Sahana: You first or me
me: Always you
Sahana: Make a random yahoo id
Enter a random chat room
Talk to a girl
Then block her 😀
Don’t reveal your identity of course 😉
me: Why this kolaveri di?
Sahana: Array Fun 😀
Doing something weird 😀
me: Why to create yahoo ids? There are many chat rooms available.
Sahana: And later we’ll laugh on this, few years later 😀
me: I will do
Sahana: How :O
I know yahoo chat rooms only.
me: There are many chat rooms available, just enter into them, and you can meet thousands of people who love to chat under the belt.
Sahana: Talk to a total Random Person 😀
me: Okay
Sahana: :O
Yahoo chats were so clean before.
Now it’s all yuck yuck
me: No place is clean now, minds are contaminated
Sahana: yes
Let’s skip
If you were here, I’d told you to talk to a total random stranger on road 😀
me: I love to do such things.
Sahana: Sometimes it’s fun to talk to a stranger 😀
me: Yes, I agree..
Okay, shall we modify the game?
Truth or dare?
Sahana: Sure
Wonderful! I love to make you do this first.
Sahana: Truth or dare?
me: Dare
Sahana: Go out of your room, and shout, “I am a mad man!” Record in your phone and email me. You have five minutes to do this activity. Go…go…
me: Done. Please check your inbox.

Sahana: Sweet!
me: Truth or dare?
Sahana: Dare dare
me: I am telling you. If you choose dare, then I would make you mad on Facebook or Twitter.
Sahana: :O
Sahana: LOL Twitter please
me: Tweet the words in quote, “I’m playing truth or dare game with one of my close friends. I need 5 RT’s to win the round one”
And your five minutes starts now.
Sahana: I hate you!
me: That’s okay.
Sahana: for this dare 😛
me: Time is running
Sahana: You’re cruel
No one will RT
me: Friends will. Do now.
Sahana: I lost my Twitter a/c 🙁
me: he he he…do it now.
Sahana: You’ve to retweet 😀
me: I will
Sahana: Check check… Already four RT’s in two minutes.

Sahana: Yay, I win!
Now my chance: What’s the longest you’ve gone without taking a bath?
me: 8 days
Sahana: Really?
me: Yes, when I had chicken pox.
Sahana: Ohw
me: Okay, Truth or dare?
Sahana: Truth
me: Are you in love?
Sahana: No, I’m not in love 😀
me: Okay
Sahana: Truth or dare?
me: Dare.
Sahana: I would have made you do something weird, but I cannot 😛
me: Why?
Sahana: Because you don’t have lipstick :-/
me: I have one
Sahana: Wear then.
me: okay
Strawberry or vanilla?
Sahana: Strawberry
Apply heavily, click picture and send. 😛
me: Okay doing
Sahana: Heavily okay
me: Done
Check email

Sahana: muhaha 😀
LOL Lipstick is looking good on you.
me: Thanks. Truth or dare?
Sahana: Dare.
me: Apply dark maroon colour nail polish, click a picture and send. (PS: On your toes and fingers)
Email in five minutes
Sahana: This is tough
me: don’t lose the game
Sahana: :-/
I have to clean my favourite pink then.
me: I know.. I know…
Sahana: Hah!

me: ha-ha ha-ha
Sahana: 😡
Truth or dare?
me: Truth
Sahana: What is on your mind right now?
me: Hmm thinking of next question for you 😛
Sahana: LOL
me: Truth na..
Sahana: cruel
me: I like it 😛
Truth or dare?
Sahana: Truth
me: What is the strangest dream you’ve ever had?
bolo bolo
Sahana: Déjà vu…once I had a dream like that I am in the world of demons, where they tie my hands, and ask my choice of dying. I can either jump from the mountain or die in their hands, I preferred to jump and I jumped and landed in my bed.
me: LOL
Sahana: Lipstick boy 😛
me: aye
Sahana: 😛
Btw, what happened to your hair ?
Unruly and messy hairdo?
me: Ohw, I’m working from home…
Sahana: Your favourite heroine proposes you and one of your close friends proposes you, whom will you choose?
me: My close friend 😀
Truth or dare?
Sahana: Dare!
me: Get up, go to bathroom, apply soap on your face, click the picture and send.
Sahana: This is tough :X
I am lazy.
me: Don’t lose my close friend 😀
Sahana: Done.
me: Aww! Cute! Are you using dove soap? I could see a white bar on the hand basin.
Sahana: Yes, Dove is the secret of my beauty 😀
me: Ohw Okay, my dear angel! My favorite soap 😛
Sahana: Truth or dare?
me: Dare!
Sahana: Grow a coconut tree on your head 😛
me: What?
Sahana: I meant your hairstyle!
me: Got it.
Done. Check your email.

Sahana: UGH!
Sick of this internet.
Have someone chew some gum and then chew it yourself.
TRY this 😛
Hellow yellow!

My internet connection disconnected. This is one of the many instances, when we lived like a kid, without caring much about the world around us. And this madness continues till today, and that’s why she is the BEST FRIEND for LIFE!

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She is my Friend for Life. Read the funny incidents that happened between us: http://t.co/kwh6Pgdwlp #DoveFaceTest @DoveIndia @indiblogger

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