Boyfriend or Uncle – The Trouble

Slowly Ritesh’s tummy grew as much as his beard and sorrows grew. His girlfriend Sahana was irritated because of this, so she called him on his phone and urged him to join her in the park. He knew that she called him to join her for jogging. So he prepared himself for the jog. He wore a green-colored kurta, tucked into ash-colored pant and in his newly bought Reebok shoe, he was hoping to sweep her off the feet at first sight and left to park.

Hello dear. I am planning to join you daily.” He said smiling.

Good for you and your tummy.” She said.

By the way, you look very beautiful today.” He tried to change the conversation. She smiled. And the conversation went into different roots.

Suddenly she heard a voice from behind, “Sister, time please!” She turned back, looked at him and said, “Sorry little brother. I don’t have a watch.

Ritesh jumped into the conversation and said, “Time is half-past-seven.

The little boy said, “Thank you Uncle. Bye Sister” and he continued jogging.

Uncle, his face became dull. His confidence shattered. He sat in a chair put in the park. Sahana sat next to him, “How many times I have to tell you that you look aged?

Tears accumulated in his eyes. He was just twenty-two, single and a great fan of Hrithik Roshan. She sat silent for a minute, and then she added, “You look old, very old, and just like an uncle. You know what I hate that unclean stubble and your big tummy. Get rid of it soon, or else we have to break-up. I do not want to live my life with an uncle.” She said and left the park angrily.

Protest Against Unclean Stubble Activity in association with BlogAdda.

Word Count: 290

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