Coffee Date – II

Have you ever jumped to sky when you scored thirty-six marks in any or all of the subjects in annual exams during school days? I have not, but I have experienced that feeling and jumped to cloud nine after a good dinner date. It all started when Isha text asking, if I can join her friend’s wedding. I too shamelessly accepted her invite. I wore a blue colored t-shirt and jeans pant and went to the wedding. She looked fabulous clad in blue colored sari. It was an accident, though. Still our common friends started teasing us while having our dinner, for which, she blushed a lot. And that’s the speciality of having friends, they help you ignite the fire that is needed for love to blossom.

She was looking at me as if she wants to eat me for dinner rather than what she had in her plate and said, “You look quite dashing today!” I smiled nodding my head.

After having our dinner, I went down on one knee near the car parking, and gave her a rose. She turned pink and accepted my rose. I was the happiest man, as my clean shaven look bowled her over. I drove her home happily. That night, I did not allow anybody in my room to sleep. I kept on narrating all that happened between Isha and me.

The lucky charm continued to work out in my third and fourth date, but what happened in the fifth date (that appraisal and full beard sucks) is what you will read in my next post.

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  1. again a beautiful post (I will again say that the music in your site makes your writing more impressive)

    BTW I have tagged you here in my first post for the PASS. Looking forward to your response 🙂

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