Coffee Date – III

Life of a software engineer sucks big time during appraisal. Managers might applaud you round the clock, but when it comes to appraisal, you are out for a duck like in the cricket. I am a victim too. The outcome of that frustration is the pretty much reason for spoiling my fifth coffee date. This time, she invited me for a coffee. As usual, we met at Costa Coffee near her office. The first glance of her hit me hard enough to realise that I am gone for the day.

So whats with the stubble?” She asked.
*Grumpy Look* “After working so hard, I have been given a B rating.” I said
*Raising Eyebrows* “What’s the connection between your rating and beard?” She asked.
I was depressed so I thought this look will suit me.” I muffled.
Don’t you know that I hate that unclean stubble?” She shouted at high-pitched voice.
That’s why I did not ask you for a date, but” Before I complete, she frowned, “Oh yes, it is my absolutely my mistake to invite you for a coffee.
After a short pause she added, “My mistake! I should not have dated such a lazy guy on the earth.
What’s with the stubble? Don’t get tensed. Chill Isha.
I never thought this will turn out to be a horrendous date. In fact, this will be our last date.” She said and left the place.
*Puzzled Look* “Last date. Having stubble is such a crime? I wonder!

And all my calls went unanswered. Maybe, just maybe, will that be my last coffee date?

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