Coffee Date – IV

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Chapter: Hope

I could not sleep that night. I do not want our relationship to end this way. I somehow wanted her to come back to my life. So without thinking about the time, I took a new razor to get my new look. (First time, I shaved moustache too :P) I thought of clicking a pic for her in the morning, but she ended our relationship with a text. “It’s over. Please go away from my life!”

I was hurt, deeply hurt! So I spent the night smoking a full packet of cigarette. The next day my friend Krish dragged me to a resort, as he could not see suffer crying like a baby. And that’s the beauty of a friendship, they will support no matter whatever situation we are in. We clicked photos, had beer, and explored more places in our city. In short, we had a fantastic day.

The next day I saw a comment on Facebook for my photograph from Isha, which brought a smile on my face. I called Krish to thank him, as my clean shaven look bowled her over again. I did not have courage to message her, but just added a like to her comment hoping she would come back to me.

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  1. Friends play a major role in life. They act as a backbone and they cannot tolerate while we shed tears, and here Krish helps Sid to change his mood, which is commendable. Yes, nowadays, Facebook plays a major role in relationships. I like the Theme. It’s nice!

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