Coffee Date – IX

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Chapter: Living together ♥ ♥ ♥

The next day I raised a work permit request as advised by my manager. I was also requested to present a solution proposal with the sales team. I was happy as I got more opportunities to prove myself. And in the evening, I helped Isha to move in to my place. After all, she was staying alone in her P.G. Her one and only friend, whom she calls didi, moved to Pune recently and she lost her parents in a car accident last year, after which she almost forgot to smile. It took months to make her smile again and glad to be the reason for her happiness.

And at half past ten in the night, she came into my room and said, “Hello
Tell me dear. Are you comfortable with the room?” I asked.
Yeah, I am okay” she said.
Cool. I believe you must be tired by now. Have a good sleep.

She laughed mischievously, came over me, hugged me and said, “I love each and every bit of you,” she paused for two seconds and then added, “except that I hate that unclean stubble of yours.

Her lips so close to my lips. “I know that my clean shaven look bowled you over again and again.” I sealed her cute rosebud lips with mine powerfully. And after that passionate kiss, we slept together holding hands of each other happily.

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