Coffee Date – The End

Chapter: The End!

With just two days left for my travel, I was all set for the US Trip. I packed everything, almost everything I had in the house, so that I could dump them in Krish’s place and leave to US. Just before closing the door, I heard her voice again, this time from the bedroom, “How many times I have to say that I hate that unclean stubble?

Tears oozed out from my eyes, but somehow I managed to control my emotions, as my brain know that she passed away in a car accident last month, but my idiotic heart is yet fooling itself saying that she is still alive.

Krish came there in his van, with a small curve on his face he asked, “Have you done with packing?

Again, in tears, I said, “Yes, almost everything is packed, except my memories, which is still living with Isha in this home.

Compose yourself Sid. She is just a memory, not your life. Start living your life.” His words irritated me, but I did not say anything in return, as I could understand his care. My lips curved a little. We loaded everything in his van and started to his home.

Once again, I heard her voice from back, “Good luck Sid. I love you and will love you forever.

If it wasn’t for my unclean stubble, we had a fantastic life. But that does not mean she loved me just because my clean shaven look bowled her over. She loved my heart more with a heart full of love and that’s the reason for my wet eyes. She was the first and perhaps the last one to love me in that way. She will always live in my diary, as my First and Sweet Coffee Date.

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