Coffee Date – V

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Chapter: In love again

I text her, “I hate that unclean stubble too! I promise not to hurt you. Please come back to me.” She text a kissing smiley and, on reading that, I flew to Cloud Nine. We planned to meet over a cup of coffee to sort out things that disturbed her.
See…just because you posted a photo on Facebook, I did not get convinced. I do not want to spoil this relationship because of your smelly stubble.

I looked into her eyes. She added, “I know the stubble suits you the most, but I prefer a clean shaven look, so be however you want, but when we meet, make sure you are looking clean.

I said, “Okay Sweetheart, anything for you.” She smiled. I smiled.

We had a cup of cappuccino, and I told her what happened the other day in office. She burst out into laughter and we had a good time that evening. I asked her if I can drop her at home. She said okay. So we went to the car park and before getting inside the car, I stood before the car door and asked if she loves me truly or not. She smiled. I did not remove the hand still, so she sealed my lips with her: powerfully. I reciprocated gently at first, and later powerfully. After a passionate kiss, we got into the car smiling happily.

I offered prayer to God that in future too things should go well. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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  1. She respects his feelings, and agrees to his, which is a good thing. Appreciated! It’s high time that Sid at least gets a clean shaven look, when they meet. Now the story turns more romantic 🙂 I like it.

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