Coffee Date – VI

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Chapter: I hate that unclean stubble

And that night I wrote a note on Facebook, “I hate that smelly stubble!

As soon as I published the note on Facebook, she called on my mobile phone and we talked until stars vanished from the sky. Happily ever after!

Total words including the Facebook Note, written for P.A.S.S activity – 296 🙂

0 Replies to “Coffee Date – VI”

  1. A really nice Post you have Sarav! Lists all the benefits of Shaving so nicely 🙂
    Likes in FB are less important than ladylove! 🙂
    All the best for the contest 🙂

    I have accepted your tag, but will be writing after completing pending tags! Will be tagging you for my next Post. Please do accept & acknowledge mine too. Hope your quota (limit is 10 entries max) isn't over! 🙂 Do let me know.

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