Coffee Date – VII

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Chapter: That’s what clean shaven look blessed me!

My clean shaven look bowled her as well as my colleagues. Everyone was surprised to see me in a new avatar.

Dude, you look cool today,” said Shiv. I thanked him and moved to my cubicle. On the way, I met Nazriya, she shouted, “Someone is looking so cool today.” I blushed a bit.

Finally, I met my manager and said that I am okay with whatever hike I got. She hugged and thanked me and said, “You are looking damn hot hero! What did your girl say to you?” I shouted happily in silence. She smiled and informed me about an onsite opportunity which I was waiting for years. I thanked her. She congratulated me saying that this could be the opportunity which can get me all I want and conveyed her good wishes for my success. I thanked her again. By the time I came out of my manager’s room, I was flying somewhere between Seventh Heaven and Cloud Nine. Maybe, just maybe, the clean shaven look was working out not only in my personal life but also in my professional life.

I called Isha on her mobile phone and informed the happy news. I checked if we can meet over a cup of coffee that evening. I guess God’s sitting on my shoulder as she accepted the offer and congratulated me with three beautiful kisses. I was happy for all that happened that day, but deep inside my heart, I was wondering, if long distance relationship would work or not.

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PS: Thanks AP for the inspiration. I tried my hand for the first time. Hope you like it 🙂

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  1. Clean shaven look shows dignity and reflects the soul of a person. The look works out well in personal and official life too. Now his life changed for good and he did the right job by thanking her…but why can’t a distant relationship work?

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