Coffee Date – X

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Chapter: All is well ♥ ♥ ♥

They say, “Love make life beautiful!” That I second!

Life became more beautiful after she moved into my place. The new customer accepted my solution proposal. She appreciated my presence of mind while answering her questions, the way I handled her doubts, my professional attire and finally, my clean shaven look bowled her over. Because of this, my appraisal rating was changed. I got an additional salary hike. My work permit application was accepted. I won a Book My Show voucher worth thousand rupees in a Twitter contest. Above all, I slept holding hands of the most beautiful girl in the world.

What a change over mama!” I exclaimed. Krish tapped on my shoulder and shouted, “Good job dude! I definitely need a treat.” Isha also joined the club. I was left with no choice. 🙁 I too accepted their idea.

Dominos Pizza” Isha said in high tone, Krish too, and I drove the car to Dominos Pizza. We sat at the corner table ordered one Double Cheese Margherita, one Country Special and one Farm House topped with extra Cheese. While we were waiting for pizza’s to get prepared, we noticed two girls sitting opposite to us had their gaze remained fixed on me. One was looking as if she wants to eat me instead of pizza, which clearly irritated Isha. “See his clean shaven look bowled her over!” Both Krish and me laughed at Isha. And the outcome was the change of places – my back faced them and my heart to Isha, ever and forever!

We ate peacefully, after which, I dropped Krish at his place and drove to our home happily.

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0 Replies to “Coffee Date – X”

  1. Ok, where to begin with… Read through all the series of your P.A.S.S. posts and there's a lot to praise about…
    1. Excellently you have managed the entire series of posts (I am gonna steal this idea for sure)
    2. All posts are weaved so beautifully, they make the readers smile till the end.
    3. And, in this post specially, loved the way Isha planned change of places in Dominos 😉
    4. And congratulations for being high scorer of the week…

    Its always awesome to be at you blog.

  2. Sarav, Nice Post! Superfast express delivery like Pizza & great to feast 🙂
    I liked your concept.
    Smiled reading this- "One was looking as if she wants to eat me instead of pizza, which clearly irritated Isha." Pizza-Isha rhyming!!! 🙂

    Thanks for accepting and responding to my tag!
    Best wishes for the contest 🙂

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