Coffee Date – XII

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Chapter: Silence

It’s one month now since Isha moved into my place. Time flew like a bird out of the cage. No words could describe my happiness, so I was writing a poem in my diary, and I caught her looking at me. So I went close to her and asked, “What did Noah say to you?

Noah did not say anything to me.” She mumbled.

It was one of those bad days, which she preferred to wipe out from her brain and heart. I know the reason for her sadness. Whenever she was upset, she reads her favourite novel The Notebook. To break the ice, I placed my cheek on her cheek and pressed it a little.

Ouch! It hurts idiot. Don’t you know that I hate that unclean stubble?
Chillax babe. What’s running on your mind?” I asked

She pushed me down, lay on my bare chest and said, “I am bit worried Sid.
Why? What happened to you?” I said, as if I do not know what’s in her mind.
What will I do here, if you go to onsite?

Silence was my only answer. She waited for a minute, after that she got up and went to take a fresh bath. And you know what girls take an hour to bath and another hour to make-up, even at nights.

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