From a hard-core drinker to a Bacardi Breezer drinker – the journey

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It all started when I first tasted the beer (Bullet) during my college days. It was bitter, strong and can knock out anybody in minutes. Despite all these reasons, my close friend and I liked it a lot. We drank whenever we bunk college and had fun (maaja). Then we slowly started drinking all the beers (KF Draught, KF Premiere, KF Strong, KF Super Strong) that were available in our state, whenever we met after our college days. (i.e., during the recession period 2008) All of a sudden, we got our joining date and, we moved to different parts of India.

Four of my friends from different department of my college and I moved to Bangalore and stayed in a house opposite to Total Mall, Madiwala. During the initial days of IT life, we had no time for fun, but after a period of hell, we started to drink beer at regular intervals. (Budweiser, Carlsberg, Tuborg to name a few) We got bored of beer, so we shifted our interest to whisky’s and scotch. Initially, we started with DSP (Director’s Special), then to BP and to a long list of whisky, tequila, and scotch. (Director’s Special, Blenders Pride, Teachers, Royal Stag, Johnnie Walker – Red Label, Blue Label, Gold Label, Jack Daniel’s, Glen Drummond, Glenfiddich) All of a sudden, all of us got an onsite opportunity and moved to different parts of the world. That’s the time I got introduced to new brand of beers (Heineken, Guinness, Swedish Coffee beer) and whiskeys (Talisker, Scottish Whiskeys). Skype group call was our way of getting united to celebrate all good things that happened in our life. Puking became a habit! That’s when I started hating beer and whiskeys. I stopped drinking too.

I badly needed an alternative so that I escape in office parties. That’s when one of my colleagues introduced me to Bacardi Breezer in an office party. His favourite flavour was cranberry, but then he advised me to taste Jamaican Passion, as he thought that it would suit me the most.

We grabbed our drink and stood in a corner of the party hall. I too was eager to taste something new, and I still remember the first sip, as it brought a sparkle to my dull eyes, briskness to my soft voice and a smile to my sad lips. I did not stop with one; I had three that day and happily welcomed a drink for my life.

Since then, I tried all the flavours of Bacardi Breezer, but my heart’s choice was Jamaican Passion. If you ask me why, I would simply say, The magic it brings to my mind and body is the reason for falling in love madly. The love for the drink starts when I pour the chilled Breezer into a shimmering glass, then smelling the aroma, and then sipping it little by little. It’s the best when served chilled and is fairly expensive. Easier to mix and make our own drink 🙂

Truly, Bacardi Breezer (Jamaican Passion) is a great refreshing drink for BBQ’s, Parties and as a casual drink at home. Do write your favourite flavour in the comment section of this post.

A drink
I love
Is Bacardi Breezer
Jamaican Passion
Is  my  favourite
Serve  it  chilled
Pour into a glass
Shake the glass
Smell the aroma
Drink sip by sip
Brings  a  magic
Uplifts the mood
Sparkle  in  eyes
All happy faces

Happy Drinking!!! (Stay within your limit at parties, get back home safely and smile happily!)

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From a hard-core drinker to a Bacardi Breezer drinker – the journey: #CatchTheFlavour @BreezerMusicCDs @indiblogger

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  1. No no no!! I think that Jamiacan passion is best 😉 😀

    haha, good post! all the best for the contest…

    Do check mine and let me know what you think… 🙂

  2. a) Nowadays, drinking is going to be a social passion. In this modern world, especially in IT companies, drinking with a customer in parties, are a common thing. But hot-drinks cause health issues. Breezer is very cool and your post on Jamaican Passion is bloody awesome. I like to try, if my hubby allows it 😛 😛

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