Rockstar – II

Chapter: Introduction

He is super cute.” Sahana said to Ramya.

Those flat six-pack aps, those broad muscled arms, that dimpled cheeks, those childlike cute pair of eyes, and his clean shaven look bowled me over completely…he is my dream boy.” Ramya said.

Hello… I too like him. Let’s see to whom he is going to fall in love. Till then, he is a public property.” Sahana and Ramya, the most beautiful girls of the college, fought with each other for a place in Rahul’s heart.

Rahul, a guitarist, the heartthrob of the college having six-packs, and dimpled cheeks, met Sahana and Ramya, his college juniors, in the park when they were fighting with each other for him.

Hi… By the way, I am Rahul.
Hi, I am Sahana. I am Ramya…Ramya, I am a good singer,” they said nervously.
Come let’s jog.” He said. They joined him.
How is it going?

Sir, you are an amazing singer. Sir, actually, I like you so much!” Sahana said, her lips curved, and she blushed.

Rahul, I saw you playing guitar. You are just amazing. I have fallen in love with you.” Ramya shot like a fully loaded pistol.

Uff… Now, I have to add two more girls to the list. I am sick of this.” Rahul said.

Sir…” Sahana tried to speak, and Ramya said, “Chill senior. Let’s be friends first. Shall we?

He stretched his hand to handshake with her, and then to Sahana. They continued to jog, as they spoke about their school life, likes, dislikes, etc., and they left the park after the jogging session.

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Words Count: 260

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