Rockstar – III

Chapter: Friends

Okay, let’s be friends.” Rahul said to Ramya and Sahana. Sahana smiled, Ramya replied, “Friends right? Then buy us ice-creams.” *Tongue out*

Sure. Let’s go to canteen then.

No canteen business Rahul. Let’s go to Shona.” (A famous ice cream parlour in Chennai)

Okay, let’s go then.” He drove the car to Shona. Ramya sat in the front seat, while Sahana sat in the back seat. Her long face told that she is upset of Ramya. So to cheer up, Rahul asked, “What’s your favourite flavour Sweetie…Sahana?

Her face lit up by a smile from his heart. “My…” Sahana said, Ramya, cutting her short, and said, “She does not have any favourite flavour and all. She will any eat anything.

And you?

I love strawberry. You know why, it looks like my lips. In college, my classmates call me strawberry lips.” She narrated a short bio of her lips and hips, which was cut short by a car that buzzed away in the intersection. Luckily, Rahul applied the brake at the right time.

After a minute of silence, Ramya asked, “Do you like moustache?

Nah, I hate moustache. In fact, I hate that unclean stubble.

Oh, okay. I like clean men!” Ramya said. *Tongue out*

By that time, they reached Shona. “Order please!” Rahul said looking into Sahana’s eyes.

Butterscotch,” Sahana said, turning to Ramya, Rahul asked, “Strawberry for Ms Strawberry lips right?

Of course strawberry, for the most beautiful girl here,” Ramya replied, and he ordered.

Am I right? Ms no?” Sahana laughed closing her lips. She looked cute.

Hehe I am still a virgin.” Ramya Said. He laughed as everybody there heard what she said, which she realised a bit later, after everybody looked at her in a different way. And from then they became good friends.

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Words Count: 299

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