Rockstar – IV

Chapter: Concert

Ms Virgin, I am going to perform in a live concert in Bangalore tomorrow. Do you like to join?

Ramya looked at Sahana and asked, “Are you coming with us?

Rahul replied to Ramya, “She said okay already.

What? Are you sure?” Ramya said.

Yes Ramya. Sahana is performing with me.” Rahul said.

Ramya was shocked and upset. “But you never said this to me!” A teardrop fell from her left eye, “You guys cheated me. Okay, I am not coming.” She stared at Sahana angrily.

Chill babe. It’s a lie. I met her in canteen this morning. I asked if both of you are willing to join. She said okay if you are coming. Nothing else happened. I just tried to pull your legs.

Sahana laughed, I too, and Ramya smiled with tears in her eyes. “Okay, let’s meet tonight at 10 PM outside our hostel. We will fly in my car.” Rahul said.

Okay. But I am not coming.” Ramya said. Rahul gave a quizzical smile. “I am not coming with an old man.” Ramya added.

Oh…that stubble? I was bit busy practising for the concert.

She still gave that look. “You know right I hate that unclean stubble…then?” After a pause Rahul added, “Okay…okay, I am going to salon now.

Her lips curved a little and then yes. Sahana said, “Okay hero. Let’s meet at 10 PM

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