Rockstar – V

Chapter: The Travel

What’s the time now?” Ramya asked, angrily.

Well…my watch is not working. I am sorry.” Rahul said, as usual, carelessly.

You dog, cat, rat…We’ve been waiting here for the past ten minutes. Don’t you know it is unsafe for girls to wait outside at night?” Ramya frowned at Rahul.

Rahul opened the car door, went to Ramya and hugged her. “Sorry babe. I was buying gifts for Sahana and you.

Sahana cooled down. Sahana and Ramya got into car smiling. Rahul gifted chocolate boxes, t-shirts of his band and hats to Ramya and Sahana. They thanked him.

At what time we will be reaching Bangalore.” Sahana asked in a husky voice.

We should reach Bangalore by two or three in the morning. I have booked a room in a five star hotel close to the concert stadium.

Only one room,” Sahana small eyes bulged bigger and her hands shivered.

Yes, only one room. What’s the problem?” Rahul gave a quizzical smile.

How can we stay with a guy?” Sahana asked literally having tears in her eyes.

Chill babe. I am not going to hit on you guys.” Rahul bit his lips.

But,” Sahana said, cutting her short, Ramya said, “We are okay. Anyway make sure you are not raped by us.

Rahul burst into laughter and said, “I booked that room for you. I have a dedicated room in the stadium.” He put his tongue out.

Sahana looked at him, as if she wants to have him for dinner again. Ramya whispered in Rahul ears that his clean shaven looked bowled her over. And they both laughed at Sahana and she buried her face inside the t-shirt blushing, as she was caught. By that time, they reached Vellore Bus Depot, and Rahul stopped the car for the loo break.

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Words Count: 300

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