Rockstar – VI

Chapter: Chatterbox

After a half-an-hour break, they started to Bangalore. Ramya sat in the front seat, as Sahana slept comfortably in the back seat.

You look damn smart!” Ramya said to Rahul.

Thank you dear!” Rahul said

To say the truth, you are damn sexy. I feel like kissing you.” Ramya came close to Rahul and implanted a kiss on his cheeks.

Yet another girl kissed the Rockstar.” He put his tongue out, but deep inside his heart, he was happy as his clean shaven look bowled her over.

Yet another girl? What’s the count?” Ramya asked curiously.

I think close to one thousand. Maybe more, or may not be…” Rahul chuckled.

Ramya burned in anger. “One thousand girls…and you are saying maybe more. Uff!” After a short pause, she added, “How many girls have you slept with?

I haven’t slept with any woman. Trust me. I am still a virgin. Those one thousand girls is the count from my childhood and most of them are aunties and my fans.” He said, she stared at him, and he added more spice to it. “I am still an eligible bachelor.

I believe you.” She said rolling her eyes.

Trust me Ramya. I am not a person who sleeps with all the girls. I am still waiting for my angel. I wish to find her soon.” The honesty in his words reflected in the eyes.

I trust you.” She said. And the chat continued till she slept.

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