Rockstar – VII

Chapter: Concert

By the time, they reached the hotel, Ramya and Sahana was in deep sleep. Rahul tried to wake them up and half succeeded, as Sahana woke up. With the help of her, he moved the luggage to room and he himself lifted Ramya in his arms, and helped her to room.

Thank you Sweetheart,” Ramya murmured in half sleep, cutting her short, and Sahana said, “We will come to the concert. Go and get some sleep.” Her voice clearly conveyed her angriness.

Rahul joined his team in the stadium, slept for a couple of hours, and then he started playing his guitar. He sounded so divine and the team practised all day.

Hey what’s that on your face?” Rahul asked one of his teammates Samar.

Five O’clock Shadow dude…it’s rocking no?” Samar asked excited.

Dude, I hate that unclean stubble. Go get rid of it before the show.” Rahul yelled at Samar and his face became small. He had no choice as his teammates gave him two choices – either clean-shave or leave.

All set to rock the evening.” Rahul said. His teammates clapped. Sahana and Ramya joined them as well.

Hey hero good luck!” Ramya said hugging him tight.

Sahana stretched her hands and said, “I know you will rock!” He hugged her tight. She moved out of his hold smiling.

The show started at around seven in the evening and as expected they rocked!

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Words Count: 235

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