Stubble Trouble – The Game

Let’s put our hands together to welcome the winner of G-Game Awards!” said the host, Shivani of G-Game Awards.

Sid entered into the arena, walked past the audience, stopped in VIP Section, hugged the CEO of G-Game Awards and went up the stairs. Everybody clapped. Shivani said, “Please share a few words about the award, the source of inspiration for creating a fantastic android game and its success story. The stage is all yours!

He stood in front of the dais, and said, “Thank you Shivani.” He cleared his throat and added, “I thank Mr Sharath, the CEO of G-Game Awards, for this initiative. It encourages young app developers like me to give that extra effort to achieve. I thank my parents for supporting me endlessly. Last but not the least I would like to thank my first crush. Hadn’t she rejected me for that stubble, this would not have happened. She is the source of inspiration for creating this android game; a simple game that features a man with stubble and a woman with a razor, and yet it topped the list in the number of downloads this year and got me this award.

Thank you Sid. You are a true inspiration to all youngsters. By the way, do you like stubble?” Shivani asked, smiling.

Well… I hate that unclean stubble.” He said with a sharp smile

Do you think you first crush will watch this award ceremony?” Shivani asked mischievously.

Of course, she will.

Wow! But how do you know that?

“Because she is my girlfriend now,” He blushed, as his clean-shaven look bowled her over and made her change the decision, and from that day, he clean-shaved daily.

Get rid of the stubble guys. Your life will shine like your face.” He said and left the arena.

Protest Against Unclean Stubble Activity in association with BlogAdda.

Words Count: 300

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