The Dad’s Girl

His dream is to spend each minute with his newly born baby girl. He likes to play with her, to hold her in his arms, to kiss her cheeks, and watch her cute expressions, but his job did not give him many chances. And whenever he got a chance, all that happened is that his baby was pulling his long beard. Everybody in his home thought that the baby likes the beard, so he started growing his beard longer hoping his baby would play pulling his beard. And his baby too did the same.

The days rolled along. His baby girl grew faster than he expected, and she started speaking. “Kuthu Kuthu” (Hit Hit), she said to him. He assumed that his baby likes to hit him, so he grabbed her hands and started hitting his cheeks, and this continued forever. She either pulled his beard or said those words whenever possible.

She grew faster. Just a day before her sixteenth birthday, she wrote,

Dear Diary,

I am turning sixteen tomorrow. I have a long list of wishes this time too. Hope it will come true soon.

• I know papa likes his very long beard a lot. But I hate that unclean stubble. I have said this to papa many times during my kindergarten days, but he did not understand. After realising that he likes his beard a lot, I stopped saying it, as he is the sweetest dad in the world. I wish, at least for this birthday, he should get a clean-shaven look.

She listed sixteen wishes in her diary before she fell asleep.

In the morning:
Happy Birthday Sweetie…
Oh my daddy, you look so smart today,” she exclaims. He smiles, that at least, after sixteen years, he could realise the reason for pulling his beard.

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  1. awww….so sweet… SIS from your recent posts I'm having this feeling that you are now working on to be a good dad, after an excellent hubby…Is it so??? Hahahaha…just kidding…loved it…

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