The Dancer

Rajiv with his friends went to dance club to celebrate his birthday. Just like every other Saturday night, he returned home with a long face, tired and lost, while his friends had good time. This time being his birthday, he thought things would change, and he would find a girl to dance with, but it just did not happen. His friends called him a loser. And he felt the same.

Mom, am I looking good? He asked, almost crying.

You are a dashing star, but” She paused, looked away from him and then, she added, “I hate that unclean stubble of yours. It doesn’t suit you.

Mom, I like this beard look. He looked into her eyes, observed her Mom’s unsaid words, and changed his mind. His razor did the job in fifteen minutes.

And that Saturday night, he went with his friends again to the same dance club. He covered his face with a long hat, waited for the clock to hit twelve. He whistled, jumped inside the crowd and performed moonwalk.

Everybody clapped. He threw his hat down, and danced to the beats DJ played. The clapping sound increased. A few girls came and danced along with him. His friends stood jaw-dropped. One of his friend said, “What a talent he is” and the rest added a couple of words to complete the sentence, “Man, what a talent. His clean shaven look cleaned bowled girls over.

He became popular that night. And from that night, people spotted Rajiv clean-shaved, which boosted his confidence and his talent got him the limelight he deserved.

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