The Three Musketeers

Ram, Sam and Lon are the three musketeers of Nagavedu – a small village down in the south of Tamil Nadu. They have only one ambition in life, one common dream, which is to marry a fair girl. For that, they tried all the tips and tricks they know and yet they failed 33 times in total, each of them contributing equally. Frustrated three musketeers, without any hope, decided to run away from home. And as decided, they went to Mumbai, where they met Isha, a popular fashion designer, to whom they narrated their story.

“33 is a small number. Actually, 11 each, which is very less compared to my 28. I mean I rejected twenty-eight proposals in the past seven years.” Isha said to them.

“You are a genius madam.” Ram said.

“Thank you. I am not a genius. I am just experienced.” Isha laughed and continued, “The first thing a girl would say after looking at any of you is Are they cavemen?

All the three put their heads down. Isha smiles, “Don’t feel embarrassed. We are living in an era where girls say I hate that unclean stubble. But what is there on your face is something worse than beard.”

After a short-pause, “You guys aren’t that bad looking. Firstly, we need to work on your outlook, and then I am sure you guys will be a hit!”

Their faces lit up with happiness. Isha groomed them with the help of her team. The new charm worked out well, as each of them got a good job. And in three months, they found a love of their choice. Isha spotted them in either a clean-shaven look or more of a trimmed look with their special ones at different places and they lived happily ever after!

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