Rediscovering Passion

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The biggest challenge in life is living the life happily. For some or the other reasons, we get demotivated and start living a miserable life. Some even have to give up dreams or lose the passion for the sake of temporary happiness. But will that suffice?

You can give so many reasons – call it as Lack of Inspiration or whatever, but the fact is we lost it for the sake of temporary happiness. No one to complaint.

It so happened to me as well. I miss the joy of writing a poem in this mechanical world. I have so many reasons to support it, but the real fact is “I”

This month on a not so good day, I sat by the windowpane staring out the window. The sky suddenly turned dark and all of a sudden, it started to drizzle. First, I ignored it complaining my mood, then the ‘Little Kid’ inside pushed me to open the window. I did. It was so chill. I cupped my hands and blew hot air into my hands, which turned cold. I complained the wet winds at first, and then started to enjoy the feel. The nature has the power to heal anything and everything in your life. And it did. My writing hormones started working. I searched for a paper and pen to scribble a poem. But my wonderful luck, I had nothing in my room.

I took my mobile phone out, created a new note and typed in it. The words flowed like a perennial river that is flooding due to the change in weather. The keyboard hanged now and then, as the processor inside the phone could not match the speed of my brain. I really wished I had a better phone or a tablet.

I browsed for a good tablet on Internet. That’s when I came to know about Micromax Canvas Tab P666 that runs on Intel processor. The look and feel of the Tablet was class apart from the ones currently available in the market. I went through the Technical Specification. I was impressed. 1.2 GHz Intel Atom Processor with Hyper Threading for Multi-Tasking, 1 GB RAM, 8-inch screen, 800×1280 pixels resolution, 16M color depth, 325 hours standby time, Android Kitkat 4.4.2, (what a battery backup!) and everything else I saw on the page inspired me.

Something inside my head told me that this Tablet is going to help me rediscover my passion for writing poems and sketching, anytime, anywhere on the earth. That’s my New Year resolution too… I have added Micromax Canvas Tab P666 to my list of buy in 2015! Now, it is your turn to rediscover hidden passions and interests with the all new Canvas Tab P666 powered by Intel Atom Processor that gives you a lightning speed performance. Watch the Demo video below!

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What If?

Welcome to the last day of the guest posts series!

What If I had to start his intro like he wrote the post? What If I had not been to Blog-o-sphere? Would I be friend today with this fantastic poet (my Haiku master) who likes to be called by his nickname? Maybe… or May not be, but we are happy for being writer friends today!

Eight years he has been breathing in Blogsville and five years along with me, he is a fantastic rhyming poet, a talented fiction writer, and a certified book reviewer. Still he calls himself an amateur poet!

He rhymes without reason, because for him writing is love, an art that he is trying to be perfect. (He is the perfectionist!).

Okay, without further ado, let me welcome my friend, Vinay Leo R of I Rhyme Without Reason (my favorite poet) to pen down his thoughts. The stage is all yours da!

What if I had not been to Blog-a-Ton? Would I be friends today with this famous blogger who goes by the name Saravana, or Someone is Special? Our blogging rivers might have crossed and found the same ocean sometime later, but who’s to know if we’d have met in the ocean that is Blogsville.

What if I had not found his blog? I’d have missed out on some nice romantic stories, that’s for sure. It is this dude’s forte. He thrives on it. And yes, a couple of posts (at least) on the maestro Sachin. And some haiku, but I need to have a long chat with him on the form. Not on chat. So he better stop eating hamburgers in Hamburg and return to the garden city where we can discuss it over masala dosa.

What if I had not met him in person? I wouldn’t have had some nice talks. I think the first time we met, we discussed mobiles. We had the same one then, if I remember. We discussed God knows what in the presence of God, coz we met at ISKCON during a blogger’s meet, but the time flew by. Maybe it’s this camaraderie that makes him say I’m his brother, and part of his family, which I’m glad to be.

What if I had not had that camaraderie? Well, not something I think of, so no answer to that. But I wouldn’t have been friends with the super friendly, brilliant cook and pretty gal who is Someone in Special’s special someone (credits to CS who coined this term). VV, hope you’re feeling better now, out of that Germany weather and back home. I do miss you on Candy Crush Saga 😛

What if I had not been friends with VV? Well, that’s for a different guest post. This one’s for Saravana. LOL. Sarav asked me to guest post on the theme “5” which is odd, coz come March 2015, it’d be 5 years since we became friends. This post is written like that topic on which he debuted on BAT, “What If”. Like I began this guest post, we met on Blog-a-Ton, which he marshals now. I wanted to write a 5 star story for him, but the last 5 days have been hectic, and it’d have been a story of an irritated software engineer, which would drive away all his fans, so I thought I’d walk down memory lane instead. And this is the 5th paragraph of this “What If” post too. So lots of fives for you, SiS. Hi5. 😉

I’m not one to ramble on in posts, so I’ll keep it short, wish the host and his missus a wonderful, happy and successful New Year 2015, and sign off saying this little amateur poet is happy to have a special friend in Saravana Kumar “Someone is Special” Murugan.

P.S: I’ll try the 5-star story sometime when the hectic schedule gives some leeway and send you to post here in 2015. For now, adjust maadi.

Thank you so much Leo for writing the last post of the guest post series. It is my pleasure to have you here. And to my dear readers, thank you so much for reading!


Welcome to Day 6 of the guest posts series!

Today’s guest writer is an anonymous writer dedicating all the poems to someone special in life, a passionate Tamil lover, and a God gifted personality. Okay, let me welcome the anonymous writer to pen down a Tamil poem. The stage is all yours!

காதல் எனக்கு


நீயாய் நானாய்,
நாமாய் காதலால்,
காதல் ஆவோம்!

Thank you so much anonymous writer for writing the sixth post of the guest post series. It is my pleasure to have you here. And to my dear readers, thank you so much for reading!


Welcome to Day 5 of the guest posts series!

Today’s guest writer is an ex-Software Engineer, now a life’s Student, a PhD Researcher, a passionate Blogger, a magical Story-Teller, a picture perfect photographer, and an explorer. She is gifted with ideas, creativity and originality. Her works have been published in many magazines including Femina and Filmfare and The New Indian Express. Her blog is a place for exploring miracles.

Okay, without further ado, let me welcome Anita of The Explorer of Miracles to pen down her thoughts. The stage is all yours!

I thought of 5 & my mind sprung up the following –
Olympic Games symbol has 5 inter-locked rings;
5 Ks of Sikh by Guru Govind Singh;
5 is the number of sides in a Pentagon;
5 is the Atomic Number of Boron;
Enid Blyton’s Famous Five book series;
High-Five of friends makes us say cheese;
5 toes & 5 fingers on each foot & hand;
The Star on the Christmas tree & wand!

I thought of the number 5 as it’s the fifth anniversary of Sarav‘s Blog. Congrats Sarav! Wish you many more special milestones on your way!

Thank you so much Anita for writing the fifth post of the guest post series. It is my pleasure to have you here. And to my dear readers, thank you so much for reading!

5 Little Cupcakes

Welcome to Day 4 of the guest posts series!

Today’s guest writer is basically a dreamer, a very hyperactive student, an enthusiast and a person who seeks peace in what he does. He loves scribbling poems, short stories, and performs a bit of stand up comedy depending up on his mood. His Talk-a-thon series of online podcast is an added addiction to his fans. He could solve the Rubik’s Cube Puzzle in less than a minute. His blog is a mirror reflection of his heart – a dream mausoleum!

Okay, without further ado, let me welcome Sulaiman Sait of Sulaiman’s work – my dream mausoleum to pen down his thoughts. The stage is all yours!

Somewhere on the other side of the world, there was a famous baker, who made some of the best cupcakes ever. He bakes every single cupcake with care and love, like he would want to dedicate it to some one special. He ices them with frosting of love and hands it over to everyone who visits him. And, every year, he runs down a few miles to collect every single item, that adds to his secret recipe to success. I have always visited his bakery when I could, ever since I first tasted those cupcakes three years back. Every time I visit, I taste the best cupcakes ever made and always wish to carry a whole lot them back, but leave only with the memory and taste on my taste buds. This time when I visited, there seemed to be something special, blue and white frosting of peppermint and blueberry’s were waiting for me. I was about to leave empty handed as usual without anything to say, but he sat beside me and gifted me 5 little cupcakes. I happened to take them home with me to see they tasted like. Each of those 5 little cupcakes tasted different, and left behind a memory and taste of – happiness,morality, love, care and brotherhood.

Thank you so much Sulaiman for writing the fourth post of the guest post series. It was my pleasure to have you here. And to my dear readers, thank you so much for reading! If you want to read more of Sulaiman’s work, stop by his blog. He has recently completed the milestone of 100 blog posts, visit him here and wish him Good Luck.

Happily Ever After

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In the corner of the party hall stood a beautiful brown-eyed angel with a cup of Appy Fizz in her hand. Simplicity was the biggest asset of her. She had put on a pair of red belly shoes that invited the people in the party hall to travel upwards. She wore a red colored party wear that ran from the bottom of her tights to the top of her chest. The slim fit cotton dress hugged her figure following the curves to elegance. Teamed up with a statement neckpiece that hugged her neck, tiny heart-shaped earrings dangling on her ears, and she wore a little makeup that made her radiant face gleam in the party light. She looked much like a perfect dream girl.

Hey, you look drop-dead gorgeous! Sid forgot to breathe. She thanked him without having any eye-to-eye contact and walked away. He held her right hand and requested her to stop. She did stop and turned towards him. Her eyes were filled with tears; the kohl and the mascara were messed up.

Is something wrong? He asked tightening the grip on her hands. She said nothing.

Come on speak up, Isha. He said in a worried tone. She adjusted her make-up and said, I’m fine.

No, you are not. You look disturbed. Look in the mirror. It will tell you the story. He spoke non-stop.

Yes, I’m not fine. I admit. Why should you be concerned? She shouted crying like a ten-year-old kid for her first mini skirt.

He could not take it at all. He helped her to sit on the cushion sofa at one corner of the party hall, sat opposite to her, held her hands and said, Because, I care for you my dear, Isha.

She broke into tears, which his heart could not digest. She spoke in a dull tone. You like Samantha more than me. She paused, wiped her tears, and continued. Don’t say no. Last week, when you are very drunk, you said it on the phone. Even today, you were dancing with that bitch holding her hips.

Sid laughed within, as his ploy worked well. He looked into her eyes, and asked her, But, why that bothers you?

Because, I… she swallowed rest of the words, for which he was waiting for two long years. And, she started crying like a baby, this time.

Enough is enough, Sid said to himself. He sipped water from the water bottle “KINLEY” placed on the table. He thought telling the truth was the right thing to do. He took a ring box from his suit, went down on one knee, and proposed her.

I love you so much, Isha. I wanted to hear it from you for two long years, but you always failed me. That’s the reason I acted, as if I like…

Before he could complete his sentence, Isha came down and sealed his lips with her lips for three tasteful minutes. He then slid the ring on to her finger and she uttered those three magical words, for which he was waiting for two long years.

Happy Birthday, Isha said kissing his lips, mouth, face and everywhere.

From that day, they decided to be true to each other. And, they lived happily ever after!

Watch the KINLEY 2014 TVC video below!

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