Recharge your hair! Recharge your life!

I was interviewed by a famous Hair expert. Here is the excerpt of what had happened in our meeting.

“Welcome Sid! How are you?”

“Thanks Remo. I am doing great. Trust, you are well too!”

His lips curved a little. “Yeah, I am doing well. And you look great man!”

I smiled. “Thank you!”

“Shall we sit there?” He asked pointing a table and three chairs that was put next to a swimming pool and a coffee shop.

“Oh yes,” I said, smiling. I saw a girl standing next to swimming pool. She was clad in lime green colored shirt, blue-colored jean pant and stood on a high-heeled boot. She was slim, simple and yet looking beautiful. The bracelet on her left hand was thin and yet noticeable, and those three pair of studs looked great on her. Moreover, the way she was holding her golden-brownish hair made her look like an angel. In fact, she was angelic.

“Is she a new model Remo?” I asked after sitting comfortably in a chair.

“Yes, she is our new model. The photo-shoot should be over anytime now.” His face shone brightly and then he added, “She is my new girlfriend.”

We smiled at each other. And he said, “Let’s start.”

“Lights…Camera…Action,” the director said and, he welcomed again showing his thirty-two teeth before the camera.

“What’s hair meant to you?”

“Hair is my first love!”

He corrected his tie and then he asked, “We read your blog post…and that was end of his inferiority complex…Is that the reflection of incidents that happened in your life?”

“Yes, it is. For the first two decades of my life, I was a victim of hair fall. In fact, I had a terrible time during my school days, my self-confidence shattered and I ran away hiding face from everyone because even for a man, his pride, his self-confidence, his happiness and his first love is hair! Anyway, let’s not talk about that.” I paused, cleared my throat and continued, “By God’s grace, I am having a decent hairdo, I recharge my hair regularly and I look great.”

“Can you tell us how?”

“I follow a simple tip, which completely nourishes my scalp, and keeps my hair healthy.” I said smiling gently.

“What’s the tip? Can you share it with us? It will be useful for our subscribers.” He said in a soft tone.

“It’s not the great Chidambara Rahasiyam, so I can very well share it with you. Simply, I heat the oil mildly, wait until it has cooled and then I apply on my scalp. I do this twice in a week. By this way, the scalp gets nourished. Moreover, my silky shampoo takes good care of my hair and keeps it healthy. Simple, isn’t it?” My free hand gestured spontaneously as I answered his question.

And I continued, “Many people have asked me why you recharge your hair twice in a week. What’s the need? I smile at them simply because they forget that we travel to office daily in peak hours – the deadly traffic, the crowded bus, and dozens of foreign materials that contact with us without our knowledge.”

“In that case, shouldn’t we recharge daily?” He asked blinking his eyes twice. He was looking smart.

“I follow a remedy process as well to protect my hair. I shampoo my hair, as soon as I’m home. There are days I reach home after nine in the night. On those days, I skip…but, I make sure I recharge my hair the next day.” I combed my hair inserting my hands into it while answering him. It was my habit since childhood, which was borrowed from our Superstar Rajnikanth.

“That’s a cool tip Sid. I am sure it would help our subscribers to recharge their hair.”

The director said cut and we were given a juice. After drinking the juice, we started again. “Tell us why you need to recharge?” He asked just after glancing at her girlfriend, through the corner of his left-eye.

“Because it will recharge our life,” I said almost instantly and the director signalled Remo to concentrate in the interview.

“Yes…yes…we need to top-up our life no…No…I mean recharge our life right?” He mumbled after shaking his head apologising to the director.

I smiled giving him a minute to rebuild himself. He acknowledged it with a smile and asked, “How it will recharge your life?”

“As I said earlier, even for a man, his first love, pride, self-confidence and glory are his hair! He can walk heads up, work confidently and smile happily without bothering about his look. And trust me, this is a fantastic feeling, which people like me only can understand.” My lips curved a little at first, and then fully – almost.

“I second that Sid! – Even for a man, his first love, pride, self-confidence and glory are his hair.” After a short pause, he added, “But…what will you do in case of a long trip, or trekking, or a party after a long drive?”

“That’s a fantastic question. How is my hairdo in this picture?” Showing my mobile I asked, and he answered affirmative instantly.

“Well, this one was taken on the fifth day of a ten-day-trip. I followed a simple trick. I made sure I oiled my hair after a hot shower at nights and I wash my hair gently the next day. It helps to keep the hair shining, and my life shines just like my hair and face does!”

“That’s really awesome man!” He smiled as soon as I answered. “Do you like to say anything to our subscribers?”

I checked my hairdo in the long mirror placed on the walls of the coffee shop and then I said, “Recharge your hair. It will recharge your life!”

“Wow! Thank you so much Sid. It’s our pleasure to have you here. Keep smiling. I am sure you will be celebrated forever as a romantic writer, stylish blogger and a fantastic human being.”

“Thank you Remo. It’s my pleasure to be interviewed by an ace hair expert!” *Handshake* They clicked a photograph of mine, and I thanked everyone before waking up from the dream.

And when I hit the publish button, I really wished to be interviewed by an hair expert at least once, as I have a lot of memories to share to this world!

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Off-Beat Bollywood Movies

BlogAdda is back with an interesting activity for bloggers this weekend. All we need to do is write about 5 off-beat Bollywood movies that are must-watch according to us. I, being a South-Indian, have watched only a few Bollywood movies. To be frank, I have watched around 50 Bollywood movies, which is very less compared to the long list of Tamil movies I watched. All thanks to Vishal Jha, who suggested only off-beat movies to watch.

It all started with this conversation.

Tum se Hindi me bhath karna acha lakta he.
Shukriya Vishal! Muje Hindi thoda thoda maalum. Muje Hindi filmo dekhna pasand he, magar mai ne kuch Hindi filmo ko he dekha. Mere liye aap tho kuch Hindi filmo ki nam bata doh.

So here is a list of TOP 5 OFF-BEAT MOVIES from the off-beat movies I watched, which were different and yet struck a chord…

The Blue Umbrella:
The Blue Umbrella, directed by Vishal Bhardwaj, is based on a novel of the same name written by Ruskin Bond. He is a self-confessed Ruskin Bond fan. This slice of life movie is the story of how a beautiful Japanese Blue Umbrella becomes center of two lives and how the two lived with it. Binya (played by child-artist Shreya), a little girl in a small Himachal Pradesh village and Nandakishore ‘Nandu’ Khatri (Pankaj Kapur), the shopkeeper, lived the role of the character brilliantly.

The reason I like the movie are super performances by Shreya and Pankaj, wonderful cinematography by Sachin, and an excellent storytelling by Vishal Bhardwaj. I am sure this is one movie, which everyone has to watch.

The next three movies are from the same director: the one and only Anurag Kashyap, first to come is…

Dev. D:
Dev. D, directed by Anurag Kashyap, is based on Sarat Chanra Chattopadhyay novel Devdas, but with a modern approach to the script. Be it the sexual awakening of a rural Indian Girl or the usage of drugs, this movie has gone an extra-mile to point it out. Dev Singh Dhillon (Abhay Deol) did justice to his role; his yearning for sex – plain and simple.

The reason I like the movie are super performance by Abhay and Mahi, amazing cinematography by Rajeev, and Anurag Kashyap’s direction stands out. In total, I found this movie the most refreshing for dozens of reasons.

Gulaal, directed by Anurag Kashyap, is an extremely well scripted piece. Perhaps the best political film ever made in Bollywood. It is the story of a simple and innocent law student who witnesses politics, deception, crime and homicide after being elected as the General Secretary of his college, and the way it has been shown is simply amazing.

The reason I like the movie are super performance by Kay Kay and Raj Singh, awesome cinematography by Rajeev, and I love the way Anurag Kashyap tells the story. In total, I found this movie bloody awesome.

No Smoking:
No Smoking, directed by Anurag Kashyap, is a neo-noir psychological thriller. It is the story about a narcissistic person known as K, who visits a rehabilitation centre to quit his chain smoking habit, but only to be tricked. The way the movie appears on the screen is truly magic.

The reason I like the movie are super performance by John and the entire team, fantastic cinematography by Rajeev, and I applaud Anurag Kashyap for his guts to attempt this thriller.

Udaan, directed by Vikramaditya Motwane, is a fantastic movie. 100 is a unanimous goal for school-goers in India. This movie is based on the real life of Anurag Kashyap. A 17-year-old boy is kicked out of boarding school and he returns home to his father, who is abusive and oppressive. Rohan, stuck in a small town with no friends, forced to study engineering and work in his father’s iron and steel works, did justice to his role. This movie has a lot of soul, and that’s why this is in my top 5.

The reason I like the movie are super performance by Rajat, soulful music by Amit, and a wonderful direction by Vikramaditya.

These are the top 5 thought provoking films according to me, which won a lot of critical acclaim, but when it comes to overall viewership, they are unable to compete with typical Bollywood blockbusters. I think it is high time that we bridge the gap between Blockbusters and Off-Beat Movies.

I also wish you to watch this lovely trailer. Miss Lovely, an off-beat film directed by Ashim Ahluwalia is set in the lower depths of Bombay’s “C” grade film industry. It follows the devastating story of two brothers who produce sex horror films in the mid – 1980s. A sordid tale of betrayal and doomed love, the film dives into the lower depths of the Bollywood underground, an audacious cinema with baroque cinemascope compositions, lurid art direction, wild background soundtracks, and gut-wrenching melodrama. Miss Lovely is scheduled for commercial release on 17 January 2014.

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The Night after the Storm

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That night she slept early. I did not ask why, but then I knew that she must have been terrified by the storm. Maybe, the whistling storm must have scared her, or the ghost stories. Maybe or may not be!

I sat on the windowsill with a notebook and the pen gifted by her a year ago. I wanted to write badly. That was peace for me. What should I write? Poem or prose, I asked my heart. I knew the answer though. Poem is the way to express my emotions, but…but…that night I was not interested to pen down one, I said to myself.

A ray of hope arose inside me saying. Ah! What’s stopping me from penning down my experience with the storm?

And I wrote, “It was a Monday evening. The weather was terribly bad, and our city was listed under red zone. My colleagues and I left to home from office early, as we expected the storm to clean the city and…” all that happened in one hundred and twenty minutes in my diary.

When I finished writing the diary, all I remembered was the smile on my wife’s face – calm and serene, beautiful too. I looked at the clock; the time was half past one. I stared out the window. The weather was normal. I saw uprooted trees, thrown-away roofs and other debris, and yet it was calm. That was when I recalled a saying in Tamil, “புயலுக்கு பின்னே அமைதி” (Peace after the storm) and a non-detail lesson. I understood the reason behind that lesson after ten years. My lips curved. I turned back to see my wife. She was sleeping peacefully. Her smiling face was one thing I always connect with my Mom. Maybe, just maybe, I am lucky to have them both in my life, I thought. I kept my diary and pen back inside my cub-board.

I lay on the bed. Maybe, wherever I am, whatever I do, the night after the storm is peace. I said to myself. Peace.

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