Recharge your hair! Recharge your life!

I was interviewed by a famous Hair expert. Here is the excerpt of what had happened in our meeting.

“Welcome Sid! How are you?”

“Thanks Remo. I am doing great. Trust, you are well too!”

His lips curved a little. “Yeah, I am doing well. And you look great man!”

I smiled. “Thank you!”

“Shall we sit there?” He asked pointing a table and three chairs that was put next to a swimming pool and a coffee shop.

“Oh yes,” I said, smiling. I saw a girl standing next to swimming pool. She was clad in lime green colored shirt, blue-colored jean pant and stood on a high-heeled boot. She was slim, simple and yet looking beautiful. The bracelet on her left hand was thin and yet noticeable, and those three pair of studs looked great on her. Moreover, the way she was holding her golden-brownish hair made her look like an angel. In fact, she was angelic.

“Is she a new model Remo?” I asked after sitting comfortably in a chair.

“Yes, she is our new model. The photo-shoot should be over anytime now.” His face shone brightly and then he added, “She is my new girlfriend.”

We smiled at each other. And he said, “Let’s start.”

“Lights…Camera…Action,” the director said and, he welcomed again showing his thirty-two teeth before the camera.

“What’s hair meant to you?”

“Hair is my first love!”

He corrected his tie and then he asked, “We read your blog post…and that was end of his inferiority complex…Is that the reflection of incidents that happened in your life?”

“Yes, it is. For the first two decades of my life, I was a victim of hair fall. In fact, I had a terrible time during my school days, my self-confidence shattered and I ran away hiding face from everyone because even for a man, his pride, his self-confidence, his happiness and his first love is hair! Anyway, let’s not talk about that.” I paused, cleared my throat and continued, “By God’s grace, I am having a decent hairdo, I recharge my hair regularly and I look great.”

“Can you tell us how?”

“I follow a simple tip, which completely nourishes my scalp, and keeps my hair healthy.” I said smiling gently.

“What’s the tip? Can you share it with us? It will be useful for our subscribers.” He said in a soft tone.

“It’s not the great Chidambara Rahasiyam, so I can very well share it with you. Simply, I heat the oil mildly, wait until it has cooled and then I apply on my scalp. I do this twice in a week. By this way, the scalp gets nourished. Moreover, my silky shampoo takes good care of my hair and keeps it healthy. Simple, isn’t it?” My free hand gestured spontaneously as I answered his question.

And I continued, “Many people have asked me why you recharge your hair twice in a week. What’s the need? I smile at them simply because they forget that we travel to office daily in peak hours – the deadly traffic, the crowded bus, and dozens of foreign materials that contact with us without our knowledge.”

“In that case, shouldn’t we recharge daily?” He asked blinking his eyes twice. He was looking smart.

“I follow a remedy process as well to protect my hair. I shampoo my hair, as soon as I’m home. There are days I reach home after nine in the night. On those days, I skip…but, I make sure I recharge my hair the next day.” I combed my hair inserting my hands into it while answering him. It was my habit since childhood, which was borrowed from our Superstar Rajnikanth.

“That’s a cool tip Sid. I am sure it would help our subscribers to recharge their hair.”

The director said cut and we were given a juice. After drinking the juice, we started again. “Tell us why you need to recharge?” He asked just after glancing at her girlfriend, through the corner of his left-eye.

“Because it will recharge our life,” I said almost instantly and the director signalled Remo to concentrate in the interview.

“Yes…yes…we need to top-up our life no…No…I mean recharge our life right?” He mumbled after shaking his head apologising to the director.

I smiled giving him a minute to rebuild himself. He acknowledged it with a smile and asked, “How it will recharge your life?”

“As I said earlier, even for a man, his first love, pride, self-confidence and glory are his hair! He can walk heads up, work confidently and smile happily without bothering about his look. And trust me, this is a fantastic feeling, which people like me only can understand.” My lips curved a little at first, and then fully – almost.

“I second that Sid! – Even for a man, his first love, pride, self-confidence and glory are his hair.” After a short pause, he added, “But…what will you do in case of a long trip, or trekking, or a party after a long drive?”

“That’s a fantastic question. How is my hairdo in this picture?” Showing my mobile I asked, and he answered affirmative instantly.

“Well, this one was taken on the fifth day of a ten-day-trip. I followed a simple trick. I made sure I oiled my hair after a hot shower at nights and I wash my hair gently the next day. It helps to keep the hair shining, and my life shines just like my hair and face does!”

“That’s really awesome man!” He smiled as soon as I answered. “Do you like to say anything to our subscribers?”

I checked my hairdo in the long mirror placed on the walls of the coffee shop and then I said, “Recharge your hair. It will recharge your life!”

“Wow! Thank you so much Sid. It’s our pleasure to have you here. Keep smiling. I am sure you will be celebrated forever as a romantic writer, stylish blogger and a fantastic human being.”

“Thank you Remo. It’s my pleasure to be interviewed by an ace hair expert!” *Handshake* They clicked a photograph of mine, and I thanked everyone before waking up from the dream.

And when I hit the publish button, I really wished to be interviewed by an hair expert at least once, as I have a lot of memories to share to this world!

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  1. Its cool idea to recharge our Hair regularly !! Am also following it because as you mentioned in the above post is true.Now a days pollution are High so we need to take care our self ,all the best for your future interview Dear..

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