Things I have done so far to watch IPL!

Things I have done so far to make sure that I do not even miss a shot!

a. I went to office at 6:00 AM IST on all match days just to make sure I leave office at 3:00 PM IST so that I could watch IPL.
b. The height of IPLism is that I took half-day leave on alternate days just to watch IPL and write about it in a contest hosted in my office.
c. Best of all is I missed to fill my appraisal in time and the outcome is I did not get my salary hike that year.
d. I skipped dinner, ignored Whatsapp beeps and Facebook notifications, simply to watch IPL.
e. Went to Food Court in Total Mall, Madiwala, Bangalore, bought a Channa Batura and ate it for three hours, so that I could watch IPL because there was no current in my place.
f. I do not want the miss the fun of watching the finals at Chennai with my friends. Hence, I travelled all the way to Chennai from London (ignoring the gyan’s of my family members) just to watch IPL
g. I would not say my best, but I missed my cousin wedding just to watch IPL finals in the stadium at Chennai.
h. Signed a treaty called “Movie Time” with my wife, which means I have to take her to new movies on all Saturdays so that she will allow me to watch IPL. You know what, this is the best treaty I have signed so far in the past one and half a year.
i. I installed the media box app in my office laptop just to watch IPL online 🙂
j. Last but the not least, installing starsports app in my mobile and living in it 24 x 7 (have signed many treaties for this with my wife)

Writing from life is so much fun! Thanks to BlogAdda and for giving an opportunity to write on this topic. Do read my other post for this activity. The below video is a dedication to IPL and

IPL is not just a game, it’s a celebration! Join the celebration now!

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